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Men's Ruby Rings

Express the True Shades of Your Personality with Ruby Ring Design for Men

Like men’s jewellery is not paradoxical enough, try to break the conventions just a little bit and the clichéd fashionistas out there will attack you by saying that precious stones are feminine. So what does a fashion savvy man such as yourself do in the face of such a deceitful myth? Turn a deaf ear, maybe? That seems just about appropriate.

This is not to say that we do not acknowledge the connection between precious stones (such as rubies) and womanly grace, but this does not mean that men can’t flaunt them too without compromising on their manliness.

As a matter of fact, jewellery has a language of its own. You can master it in any way you like, as long as you get the syntax right. Let no one tell you otherwise. For a man, jewellery is all about pride and confidence, and a refined taste in accessories. While there are certain do’s and don’ts with men’s jewellery (especially men’s rings) and it serves in your best interest to abide by them, let no prejudice tamper with your exclusive fashion statement. Be it pearl cufflinks, a golden watch, platinum tie pins or ruby rings studded with diamonds, you can wear anything that you can confidently carry.

Men’s Ruby Ring Designs that Can Work Wonders on Your Personality

The right ring on the right finger can pluck you out of oblivion and plant you in the midst of the limelight in just a snap. Do it wrong and the process works in reverse. Well, not exactly. You will still be remembered but as the butt of all bad fashion jokes, and that’s not how you’d want to draw attention now, would you?

Hence pay attention to what and how you choose, in the name of a sassy, elegant men’s rings and you won’t ever regret it. Take a closer look at the Patrician Ring. It is stylish as it is sophisticated, with an element of class embedded into it. This 18kt gold ring studded with a magnificent ruby stone does more that exuding your noble taste in jewellery. It exemplifies your decisive personality.

With the Nawab Ring, you already know that royalty is in the very name. This 18kt gold ring embedded with a big, dazzling ruby and adorned by a garland of diamonds, best complements those men who like to be at the top of their game. It is a ring fit for the conqueror with an expensive taste in regal jewellery.

Then there is the Charming Prince Ring, meant for a restless yet prepossessing soul who will forever drink from the fountain of youth. This 18kt gold ring is generously studded with rubies and diamonds and adds a beguiling charm with its look. 

There is something truly different and intriguing about the Supremo Ring. Made of 18kt white gold this ring is beautifully adorned with rubies and diamonds that add to its shimmering sizzle. This ring vouches for a resplendent personality and an exquisite taste on behalf of its owner and makes heads turn everywhere you go.

Buy Men’s Ruby Rings Online from BlueStone

At BlueStone we have a rather interesting knack of making your jewellery plead your case. We are the makers of fine jewellery and have been around for years now, pioneering the modern jewellery upheaval in the Indian market. We believe that just like a person’s personality, his jewellery should evolve with time and keep up with the changes. Hence we are trailblazers in making jewellery that will survive the quicksand of time and the onslaught of changing trends.

Thanks to our online store, you can now buy men’s ruby ring designs that suit your pocket and personality at the same time. Take time to browse through our collections and you will see that our men’s ruby ring prices are just and reasonable. We know what is worthwhile and what isn’t and we value your trust just as much as your time. To save time and to shop smoothly, you can always request us to bring you your selected designs at your doorstep at a time that suits you. You can try on the products from the comfort of your home without any obligation to buy.

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