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Women's Gold Jewellery

Women’s Gold Jewellery Designs for You to Indulge in

Ever wondered why women love their gold jewellery? No one knows the answer for certain. Sometimes it is the glitter of the yellow metal and sometimes it is the beauty of designs that make women cherish their jewellery pieces. Take a look at the women’s gold jewellery designs offered by BlueStone, the leading online jewellery store in India. Trendy, elegant, stunning, and affordable, our collection gives modern Indian women more than one reason to buy gold trinkets. With over 2900 designs in the form of earrings, pendants, rings, chains, bangles, and nose pins, we invite you to experience gold as never before. Whether you are sitting in your office cabin writing codes or raising a toast at a weekend party, the right piece of jewellery can make a difference to your style quotient. The creative craftsmen at BlueStone have mixed gold and gemstones in the right proportions to ensure that you will be spoilt for choice.

Face is the Index of the Mind: Earrings and Nose Pins

Gold earrings are a wardrobe essential for women. Sometimes you need earrings to go with your attire and sometimes you need them to enhance your facial features; sometimes they spruce up a special occasion and on other times they make an occasion special. So is the case with nose pins. They both are close to your face and can change your look dramatically if chosen with care.

Let your search for the finest solitaire studs end here. Opt for the brilliant round cut single solitaire Angelic Earrings or the multi-stone Exotic Beauty Earrings. And that’s not all – you will be delighted that we have over 600 designs in studs and drops. We have long and short drop earrings, hoops and sui dhagas and you can select a pair based on your style, occasion, or the shape of your face. While some are decked with diamonds like the Kasini Earrings, we have varieties that feature colourful gemstones and pearls like the Princess Blossom Earrings and Brigyda Earrings. Plain gold earrings like the Tethered Bract Earrings are also part of this exciting collection.

In our nose ornament collection, we have nose pins that can be passed through the piercing and nose screws that can be secured with a screw. Some of the popular picks of our customers include the Ambrosia Nose Screw, the Primrose Nose Screw, the Collective Flora Nose Pin, and the Wahida Nose Pin.

Buy Women’s Gold Jewellery Online to Adorn Your Neck

Pendants are the hanging charms around your neck and they make their own statements. Apart from trendy designs like the Marigold Pendant and the Arnit Pendant, we have a range of religious pendants that will let you display your faith in stylish ways. For the young women of today, we have an exclusive range of religious pendants like the Avyukta Pendant and Siddhipriya Pendant. Our Allah pendant designs include the Esma Pendant and Murabbi Pendant and our cross pendant collection has exquisite pieces like the Aric Cross Pendant and the Aden Cross Pendant.

The trends in necklace designs are fast changing. From collars to chokers and from lariats to multi-layered chains, you can see a plethora of designs emerging in the jewellery industry. Keeping up with the latest trends, BlueStone has come up necklaces suitable for every occasion. Our collection includes exquisite pieces like the Shilpakar Necklace, script designs like the Princess Script Necklace, lariat designs like the Bullion Axis Necklace, and much more. Those who love traditional patterns can choose from our coinage collection that includes the Viswaroopini Necklace; lovers of tassels can choose charming pieces like the Jaicee Necklace.

For women, mangalsutras are not just a piece of jewellery but a symbolism of their everlasting commitment. Our best-selling Renee Mangalsutra is studded with diamonds in an artistic pattern. You can opt for lightweight mangalsutra jewellery like the Wondorous Vow Mangalsutra for your everyday wear and sport the Suchika Mangalsutra.

Buy Women’s Gold Jewellery Designs: Rings, Bangles, and Bracelets

Women love adorning their fingers and wrists with accessories. Buy women’s gold jewellery online from BlueStone where classic patterns meet new age designs. We have the navaratnam collection that includes the Charumati Bangle, roseate smolder rings like the Milana Ring, and religious patterns like the Divine Trishool Ring for Her in heart-warming designs.

Rings have reinvented themselves multiple times over the last century. For modern fashionistas who love sporting unique and quirky designs, we present the Rayla Ring and Brytanni Ring in open pattern. Two-finger ring designs that include the Janna Two Finger Ring and the Fabiana Two Finger Ring will adorn your ring finger and the adjacent one too.

While round bangles like the Chaya Bangle have a conventional charm to the, you can opt for oval bangle designs such as the Grazia Bangle that will give your wrists a delicate look. Our open bangle patterns like the Mukunda Flexible Bangle provide a refreshing twist to bangle designs you are tired of wearing. Our Delilah Cross Bracelet and Astounding Shell Bracelet can be used as everyday wear or workwear. Lighter in weight compared to bangles, bracelets like the Glorious Sun Bracelet and the Kearia Bracelet are cute and chic.

For the fashion-conscious women of today, we assure you that our commitment is to bring up-to-date designs without compromising on quality and craftsmanship. The best part is that you get attractive offers on certain models and you can try the selected pieces before you make the purchase. With the affordable women’s gold jewellery prices offered by BlueStone, the deal just got too irresistible!

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