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Women's Gold Bangles

Women’s Gold Bangles: Syncing the Traditional and the Modern

Remember running around the street melas and flocking in herds near the bangle sellers. The joy of trying-on bangles and walking around, feeling proud of your new treasure! The fascination with bangles is not new. They are the ultimate sign of traditions and culture in every part of India. Bangles have always been taken as the traditional jewellery. Well not anymore! We have reinvented the designs to suit various occasions. We believe that some traditions are too precious to be parted ways with. Marriage and bangles have been synonymous with each other for long. But at BlueStone, we don’t want you to be restricted by just one occasion to flaunt these beauties. So we have set a range of women’s gold bangle designs exclusively for you. Some of our bracelet fusion bangle collection will surely catch your eye, like the Mareesha flexible Bangle, the Starrylight Bangle, and the Sylth Bangle. Their ultra modern designs feel free and rest comfortably on your hands. Carry tradition in your own style!

For the Shimmer and Shine at Every Celebration

The tinkling of bangles means the coming of joy, love, and life itself. For those who would love to flaunt a bit of happiness, our suggestion would be the Karynnete bangle with a four layer diamond pod set in gold or the Twirled Wonder Bangle. The Chisel bangle and the Dizzying dapper Bangle is bound to bring nostalgic joy to the wearer with its classic thick band design. For the brightness and radiance that resonates with festivals, choose from the Poorbi Bangles with blood red ruby petals encrusted in the band or the gorgeous mix of the Fire and Ice Bangle. The Fashion Aura Bangle is a knockout for any celebratory note with its pearl, amethyst and diamond setting in white gold. All your party flutter goes away with the Baheera Bangle, the Aasna Bangle and the Iyelet Bangle which give the chic look of the smooth white gold glistening on your wrists.

From Rani Mukherjee to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to even global icons like Rihanna , lattice gold bangles have been a hit among the ladies. At BlueStone, we order the Netra Lattice Bangles and the Aneya Lattice Bangle for all the lovers for intricate mesh designs. For those who want to be a bit bold can look up the Influential Structure Bangle, The Pavi Bangle and the Monille Bangle for their unique design and diamond placement. Don’t let the festive season lose its charm by letting the heavy set bangles fall heavy on your pockets. So hurry and buy women’s gold bangles online at attractive prices at BlueStone. Yes, our women’s gold bangles prices are as affordable as it can get.

Women’s Gold Bangles for Every Avatar

From your lazy weekend brunches to special occasions to even everyday wear, BlueStone has women’s gold bangle designs that fit every category with ‘rounded ease’. Walk in with the simple and sophisticated Grazia Bangle, the Taaj Bangle or the magnificent double framed Sylvan Decked Bangles to mesmerise any gathering. For lovers of ultra slim beauties, fret not, the Emilia Ercole Bangle, the Vivid Winsome Bangles and the Spiralled Parade Bangles are your best bet. For all lovers of stones, we have the Ananta Bangle, the Unnati Flexible bangle or the Ritvika bangle embellished with beautiful jade stones that can match your zeal and brightness.

Looking for an ideal work-fit companion for your watch? We hope to brush away your work-attire blues with designs that will gel in with your professional image. Who said about wearing bangles only with Indian attires? Try the Keila Bangle or the Enrica Bangle with its straps of small diamonds tied beautifully in three columns. The Tariat Bangle and the Soyiah Bangle with their sombre charm are sure to make the perfect pair with western outfits in office.

So buy women’s gold bangles online at BlueStone at gloriously affordable price ranges. We offer you the 30 Day Money Back and the Lifetime exchange and Buy Back offer if by some rare chance you don’t feel fully satisfied with the product. No hard feelings! We are here to ensure that you look best and that we play a tiny role in it.

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