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Men's Gold Studs Earrings

Make a Statement with Men’s Gold Studs Earrings

Earrings are one of the most common forms of jewellery. While the large danglers and hoops are typically worn only by women, studs are favoured by both men and women. The tradition of men wearing earrings is not something new. Ear ornaments for men date back to the Biblical times and are referenced to in a number of passages from the Bible. History gives us many instances when kings, aristocratic men, slaves, sailors, and pirates wore earrings to mark their status in the society. Moving eastwards, most Indian paintings of royal durbars depict men with ear ornaments. In fact, the Indian Maharajas were as fond of earrings and other forms of jewellery as their Queens. As a tribute to this longstanding tradition, we at BlueStone presents a stunning range of men’s gold studs earrings.

Why Do Men Wear Earrings?

In olden days, men wore earrings as a symbol of wealth, societal position, power, etc. However, today men wear earrings for a different set of reasons. Primary amongst them is to be fashionable and keep up with trends. For example, most football fans idolise Cristiano Ronaldo. He is often seen sporting a diamond studded earring. The Cachet Earrings for Him is similar to the stud Ronaldo sports. So, if you are a fan of this legendary footballer, this is the design made for you. Earrings also have a religious significance, especially for Hindus. Most children have their ears pierced even before they celebrate their fifth birthday. In many parts of India, this applies to boys as well as girls.

Whatever your reason is for wearing an earring, you will find the right design in our collection. From plain gold studs to stone-studded ones, this collection has something for everyone. If you want diamonds to spruce up your bling quotient, go for the Suserrer Earring For Him. This multi-stone showstopper features five sparkling diamonds on an eye-catchy design. Are you someone who wants to go the classic way? The Vikrant Earring for Him is your best pick. This simple yet classy stud is made of 22kt gold and doesn’t feature any diamonds or gemstones. And the best part? Our men’s gold studs earrings’ price range is incredibly competitive. You don’t have to save up for months to make your favourite designs a part of your accessory collection.

Men’s Gold Studs Earrings Designs with Diamonds

When it comes to earrings for men, diamonds are the most preferred gemstone. Thus, it is essential to understand the characteristics of a diamond when you buy men’s gold studs earrings online. The value of a diamond is determined by the 4’C’s, namely the colour, clarity, cut and carat. The colour of a diamond can be graded in terms of alphabets from D to Z. Diamonds graded between D to F are considered clear while those between S to Z have a yellowish hue. The clarity of a diamond refers to the presence of flaws or impurities in the diamond. These are not always visible to the naked eyes, though. When you buy men’s gold studs earrings designs like the Suserrer Earring For Him or the Savoir Earring For Him you can customise the colour and clarity of the diamonds.

The cut of a diamond refers to how the stone is cut. One of the most popular ways of cutting a diamond is the round cut. This can be seen in a number of new designs in Men’s gold studs earrings such as the Autre Earring for Him. The Entente Earring for Him is another design you could consider from this range. Lastly, the carat value of a diamond refers to the weight of the diamond. This is one of the most influential factors that determine the price of a stud. For example, both the Giltbert stud for Him and the Eclat Earring for Him feature a single diamond but have a large difference in prices.

Bluestone’s Men’s Gold Studs Earrings Collection

Our designers understand that men can be as picky as women when it comes to choosing a piece of jewellery. Hence a lot of attention is paid to the details of each earring. For example, the Morde Earrings for Him and the Melange Earring for Him may look similar at first glance. However, these designs differ by more than just the number of diamonds they feature. To pick the best men’s gold studs earrings you must give equal importance to the design and the personality of the wearer. Take, for instance, the Ayer Stud for Him which showcases a bold, red ruby. This has been designed for a confident, flamboyant man. A ruby is also the birthstone for men born in July. Hence, this earring is an exceptional gift for Cancerian men who like jewellery. 

How to Buy Men’s Gold Studs Earrings?

Today, you can shop trendy men’s gold studs earrings online as easily as you shop clothes. Most of the pieces in this collection are typically made of 18kt gold. Some designs like the Cadeau Earring for Him can be custom made in white gold as well. The cost of an earring does not differ according to the colour of gold it is made in. However, if you want to reduce the cost of an earring, you could lower the gold carat value. The carat value of gold refers to the amount of pure gold being used. Thus, 18kt gold has 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of alloy metals, 14kt gold has 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of alloy metals. The lower the carat value, the lower the price and the harder the gold. Waiting for jewellery to be custom made and shipped can test your patience. Hence, we also offer a limited range of designs with next day delivery. So, what’s your reason for not buying your favourite design right now and right here?

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