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Flaunt Your Style with Men’s Studs Earring Designs

Fashion isn’t only for women. Gone are those days when fashion was synonymous with women. Today, men can be equally fashionable and men’s fashion is not limited to only fitted shirts and well-fitting trousers. Jewellery has also caught up pace with men’s fashion trends, so much so that even celebrities and popular personalities can be seen sporting a piece or two of suave bling. To celebrate men who love to flaunt their personality with classy jewellery, we at BlueStone have created an exclusive men’s studs earrings collection. Minimally yet creatively designed, the each of these pieces we offer is a dream come true for men with pierced ears. If you don’t have your ears pierced yet, these trendy men’s stud earrings will make you want to do it right away!

Delving into the Culture of Men’s Earrings

The relationship between men and exquisite jewellery is not a recent one. It is as ancient as the history of ear piercing as demonstrated by a mummified body from almost 5300 years ago. There is enough historical evidence of the prevalence of male earrings. Carvings of soldiers from ancient Persia show them wearing earrings. Pirates pierced their ears as they believed that it would improve their long distance vision. Ear piercing has Biblical evidence too. With male earrings so popular throughout history, there’s no reason for you not to give it a shot. Our men’s studs earring designs will lure you to get your ears pierced if you haven’t already.

A Variety of Designs: Buy Men’s Stud Earrings Online at BlueStone

At BlueStone, we have a plethora of trendy men’s studs earrings. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs based on your taste and preferences. We have classic studs made of gold and sophisticated pieces made of white gold. Not only can you choose the purity of the precious metal you want in your gold stud, you can also make a choice between gemstone-studded stud earrings or those without any precious stones. You can buy men’s studs earring designs that feature diamonds or rubies, available in all shapes and sizes. Some of the best men’s studs earrings are a part of our exclusive collection created for all the fashionable men out there. To make it even more attractive, our assortment comes at a competitive men’s studs earrings price.

New Designs in Men’s Studs Earrings Handpicked for You

One of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery in the world of men’s fashion is a stud earring. If you want to flaunt a suave look, there’s hardly anything that can match the effect that diamond studs offer. Whether the stud is a solitaire or has multiple diamonds encrusted on it, it is the best minimalist jewellery you can ask for. The best thing about diamond studs for men is that they look good whether they are made of gold or white gold. The Blanc Earring for Him gets a spot on our men’s stud earrings collection. It is made of 18kt white gold and studded with a bright diamond that will add just the right hint of dazzle to your overall look.

The Homme Earring for Him is another 18kt white gold stud that you should consider adding to your accessories. It is studded with four stunning diamonds. The Autre Earring for Him is a golden delight made of 18kt gold and studded with multiple white diamonds in a cross-like design on gold. The Cachet Earring for Him is a simple yet sophisticated stud earring made of 18kt gold and encrusted with a white diamond. The Ayer Stud for Him is designed to give you the right finishing touch. It is a ruby-studded pieces of elegance made of 18kt gold.

Plain Gold, Single Stone, and Multistone Stunners for Men

If you’re looking for something made of solid gold and no stones, you will love the Vikrant Earring for Him. It is made of 22kt solid gold with a simple and charming circular design. However, if a single-stone stud earring is what you want to up your bling quotient, you can go for the Luxe Earring for Him in white gold or the Bien Earring for Him in gold. For men who want to sport the sparkle of more than one diamond can opt for multistone stunners like the Suserrer Earring for Him, the Savior Earring for Him or the Entente Earring for Him.

That’s not all. There are a lot more stud earrings in store for you, which you can also try at home before making a pick. Check out our complete men’s studs earrings collection to be spoilt for choice.

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