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Men's Diamond Studs Earrings

Men’s Diamond Studs Earrings: Redefining the Male Fashion Scenario

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they are loved no less by men. From wedding bands to stylish pendants, men love flaunting diamonds as part of their fashion accessories. These shiny stones have pierced the gender barrier and literally landed on the ears of men. Yes, we are talking about men’s diamond earrings, and studs to be precise. For some years now, men’s diamond studs earrings designs have been making waves in the fashion world. Going by the popularity of these earrings, it can be safely said that this trend is here to stay for a long time. For men who want to sport the eternal sparkle of diamonds on their ears, here is a collection to explore.

The Fascination for Men’s Earrings Through the Ages

Earrings have been around for more than 7000 years. If you rummage through the historical map of jewellery trends, you will find that men wearing earrings were a common matter in the ancient times. One of the earliest references of men’s earrings is found in the paintings of gods in India that date back to thousands of years. These paintings depict various gods wearing gold hoop earrings. Carved images of ancient soldiers wearing earrings have emerged from the archaeological discoveries in Iran. Even the mummy of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was found with earrings in his tomb. Across the ages, men’s earrings have mainly found favour as adornments or status symbol.

With the changing times, men’s taste in earring designs underwent a lot of changes. During the first millennium B.C. disk earrings were popular. Medieval Europe saw the rise of the studs. As styles evolved, plugs, ear cuffs, spikes, flesh-tunnels, and even non-piercing earrings gained popularity with men. When jewellers started experimenting with diamond studs, it became a hit with the fashion-conscious modern men.

Buy Men’s Diamond Studs Earrings Online from BlueStone

BlueStone presents an impressive collection of men’s diamond studs earrings in yellow and white gold. The sparkle of diamonds set against the sheen of gold makes each stud from this collection a worthy piece to own and flaunt. Whether you are looking for a single stone piece or a multistone stunner, or a traditional design or a contemporary one, we have just the right designs for you.

When you buy men’s diamond studs earrings designs from BlueStone, you will come across signature pieces like the Giltbert Stud For Him and the Bien Earring For Him. Both the pieces are designed in 18kt gold and feature a single diamond. If you want a simple, geometrical design in white gold, the Avoir Earring For Him is your best pick. The Blanc Earring For Him shines in its simplicity and you don’t need a reason to buy it, do you?

When you want to stand out rather than blend in, a multistone earring like the Savoir Earring For Him can do the trick for you. Each piece in this men’s diamond studs earrings collection has been crafted by our expert designers. Whether you want a contemporary earring or a designer one, this trendy men’s diamond studs earrings online collection has everything for you.

Discover the Latest Designs of Men’s Single Stone Diamond Studs Earrings 

Single stone diamond studs have always found favour with the stylish male of today. That is why BlueStone has some of the best men’s diamond studs earrings designed with single stones. Take a look at our Cachet Earring For Him or the Eclat Earring For Him. While the former is a gold beauty, the latter is a dual-tone stud. If you love the shine of white gold, we would suggest you try our Luxe Earring For Him or the Riche Earring For Him. Whether it’s a party or a casual get-together, these fashionable studs will definitely accentuate your look. Even the Vivant Earring For Him is a one of its kind.

Sparkle with Men’s Five Stone Diamond Studs Earrings 

Why should men say no to the mega sparkle of multiple diamonds or gemstones? Multi-stone earrings are one of the hottest trends in men’s fashion world nowadays. At BlueStone, we have some of the most fascinating five stone diamond studs earrings for men. Among our pieces is the Morde Earring For Him. This classic stud is designed in gold and has the band of diamonds passing through the centre of the stud. The Suserrer Earring For Him is another piece from this collection that will make you stop and take note of its beauty. For those of you who love to experiment with stud styles, we have the Cadeau Earring For Him to entice your senses. This round shaped stud sparkles with the shine of the five diamonds set against its gold body. Simple and contemporary are the words to define this bestseller in our collection.

Step out in Style with Men’s Multistone Diamond Studs Earrings

BlueStone’s diamond studs for men come in a variety of designs and styles. Our multistone diamond studs earrings stand proof of this claim. For instance, we have the four-diamond sparkler called the Homme Earring For Him. This white gold stud can be the ideal complement to your stylish persona. With our Entente Earring For Him, you get the perfect match of design and fashion-statement. You don’t have to do anything to make your bling quotient known to the world; the 8 sparkling diamonds studded on the piece will do it for you. Those looking for something exotic can take a look at our Nouveau Earring For him. However, if you are looking for a head-turner, the Savant Earring For Him is your best bet.

With so many new designs in men’s diamond studs earrings, you will never be short of options at BlueStone. On top of that, our men’s diamond studs earrings prices are quite reasonable. So, this gives you all the more reason to check out BlueStone’s collection of men’s diamond studs earrings designs.

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