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Diamond Stud Earring: Compact and Beautiful

Earrings come in a variety of shapes and patterns. The stud earring is the most common and compact design you could opt for. The diamond studs earring designs available at BlueStone are not only compact, but they are also ethereally beautiful and well-crafted.

Stud earrings are attached to a small post that penetrates through the ear or the earlobe. The post is held in place by a clutch back or a screw back. Since the clutch back or screw back is usually very small, and the post is hidden inside the lobe, this gives the stud the appearance of floating on the ear or earlobe without any point of connection.

Earrings through History

In human history, earrings are one of the earliest known human body piercing or modification. In fact, archaeological evidence from around the planet points to the fact that it was men who wore earrings in early history. Vestiges of this custom can be found at present in the rituals of many cultures including the practices of many caste groups in India. And earrings for men are making a strong comeback in recent years all over the world.

Ancient Egyptian artefacts, the Bible, the Torah, Japanese history, and many other historical writings mention the use of earrings. Around the globe earrings for women became fashionable in the 1970s. In India, girls have been getting ear piercings from as early as the age of three months. Earrings have come to be synonymous with femininity, beauty, and allure.

Buy Diamond Studs Earring Designs that Call to Your Heart

BlueStone has made the purchase of your dream diamond studs earring online an easy proposition. The catalogue offers a number of designs, both conventional and unconventional. The diamond stud earrings come in the traditional flower motifs to geometric patterns.

The Floria Earrings are a set of earrings in the shape of a five-petal flower etched in white gold. There is a centre diamond with other tiny diamonds embedded on the outer edges of four petals in this pattern. The Auste Earrings are set in the shape of a square with eight diamonds each, worked in 18kt gold. The timeless design of the Stuti Earrings is that of a flower with numerous petals all embedded with tiny diamonds and set in 18kt gold.

The Delacoure Earrings are delicate studs shaped like eyes, with a centre diamond in the place of the iris. One of the lines of the eye is silver in colour, while the whole stud is made of 18kt gold. For a slightly different look, you could pick out the Regina Butterfly Earrings. They are patterned in the form of twin butterflies, one fixed on top of the other. The top and smaller butterfly is embedded with diamonds. This fine piece is set in 18kt gold with a sunken leaves design on the larger butterfly that adds to the overall beauty of the piece.

If you have a delightful little princess at home, the Cute Meow Earrings for Kids are just the diamond stud earring design for your collection. They form a set of kittens facing away from each other made in 18kt gold. The eyes are made of tiny 0.020 Ct diamonds.

If flowers and tradition are not your thing, BlueStone gives you the option to buy diamond studs earring designs online that are different and bold. The Pyramid Earrings, as the name suggests, are 18kt gold stud earrings shaped like pyramids with a tiny diamond set in one of the triangular sides to add a dash of daring to the pattern. The Jelya Earrings are shaped like a rectangular piece with a single diamond set towards the bottom of the stud. The top half of the earring is silver in colour with a tiny yellow band separating it from the diamond.

Finding the Perfect Diamond Studs Earrings Online

BlueStone has a large collection of diamond stud earrings, and in addition offers the customer the choice of customising the ones already on the catalogue. This in effect increases the choice available to the discerning customer and you will be sure to find a lovely pattern that is close to your heart. The diamond studs earring prices at BlueStone are so competitive that you can purchase pieces that give you and your loved ones exquisite pleasure.

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