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Pearl Studded Gold Jewellery

Pearls, Gold and You: The Perfect Combination

As Federico Fellini, the Italian film director rightly said, pearls are the autobiography of the oyster. These delicate, white spheres are unique and inimitable in their charm and radiance. And when paired with the elegance of gold, the beauty of pearls know no bounds. BlueStone, the leading online jeweller in India, immortalised this beauty in our range of pearl studded gold jewellery designs. Whether you are preparing for an important day at work, dressing for a special event, or just want to feel amazing for no reason, these timeless beauties are showstoppers by themselves.

Pearl Studded Gold Jewellery Designs for Your Wrists: Bangles and Bracelets

For women who want to make a lasting impression with pearls, here is a bangle collection to explore. Combining the beauty of diamonds and pearls, the Waverly Bangle has a double gold circle lined with diamonds which holds between them, an array of perfect pearls. Equally suited to western and Indian outfits, this design exudes incomparable grace. The Paragon Bangle shows us that pearls are versatile and complement green emeralds just as well as they do, diamonds. A slim band of gold, this bangle features a design of alternating pearls and emeralds. The Cleodora Bangle and the Sabrina Bangle are similar in design with alternating pearls and diamonds as their central pattern.

Not a great fan of bangles? You can choose pear studded bracelets to adorn your wrists. The Traci Bracelet is a contemporary design that goes well with office outfits while the Nayah Bracelet is a native beauty fit for parties and special occasions. The Kearia Bracelet and the Nadia Together Bracelet are also some of the favourites of our customers.

Buy Pearl Studded Gold Jewellery Online and Update Your Look

Despite being a relatively small part of the jewellery family, a well-designed ring has the power to transform your look. Whether you’re gesturing to make a point or simply resting your hand on your lap, this beautiful piece is present in full-view. And when your ring comes studded with the radiant beauty of pearls? Heaven, it is!

A design that pays homage to the elegance of the pearl, the Ava Ring is perfectly crafted to draw your eyes to its central setting. The Allison ring updates this design by placing a pristine pearl on a bed of delicately engraved gold leaves. Perfect to make a radiant statement, the Doris Ring has a beautiful design with a large, immaculate pearl setting. The Lorelei Ring combines the dazzle of diamonds with the beauty of the pearl. Set in a contemporary design, this ring gives you a fine balance between the vivacity of diamonds and the quiet glimmer of the pearl.

Dreaming Pearls? Buy Pearl Studded Gold Jewellery Designs

It was Jackie Kennedy who said pearls are always appropriate, and rightly so. A single string of pearls, like the one she often wore, has come to be considered a marker of class and sophistication. From the timeless beauty of such designs, necklaces have evolved to include a variety of contemporary styles, much like the Kalisha Necklace in our collection. This delicate chain has a lovely arrangement of a singing bird and flower, encrusted with diamonds. From the curved branch dangles a single pristine pearl to add depth to its design.

Another piece that invokes nature is the Butterfly Line Necklace. The Abree Line Necklace is a more ornate piece, made from a slim gold chain studded with diamonds at regular intervals. Suspended from the centre is a single, white pearl that will always have heads turning. The Fleur Line Necklace is similarly decorative; its central design outlines a dainty flower with a large pearl set in the middle. The shimmer of gold and the sophistication of pearls come together in these necklaces, making them a must-have in every pearl lover’s collection.

Pearl Pendant Designs: Keep Pearls Close to Your Heart

You don’t want to invest in a necklace, yet need something to adorn your neck? This is where pendants come in. When you buy pearl studded gold jewellery online from BlueStone, you get to choose from an exciting array of pearl studded gold pendants. If you like to keep things simple, go for the Amathea Pendant or the Rita Pendant, both of which feature a radiant white pearl set against a golden body. Lovers of the floral theme can choose the Nayah Pendant or the Allison Pendant while those who have a penchant for fashion pendants can opt for the Strike Pendant. Yet again, if you prefer the twinkle of diamonds to go with your pearls, the Ares Pendant and the Dione Pendant are your best picks.

Lift the Beauty of Your Face with Pearl Studded Gold Earrings

Whatever be the earring type, pearls can enhance their appeal instantly. For instance, studs like the Jolie Stud Earrings and the Ava Earrings are the most popular design using pearls. However, they go equally well with hoops like the Nixie Earrings or jumkas like the Regal Mayura Jhumka. When you have a party or a special occasion to attend, go for eye-catchy designs like the Indu Sui Dhaga Earrings or the Cralin Drop Earrings. While pearl-studded chand balis like the Zufa Earrings are an all-time wedding favourite of Indian women, modern fashionistas can opt for innovative designs like the Raihana Front Back Earrings to spruce up their special occasions.

The quiet glow of a pearl is often said to connote purity; when combined with the magic of gold, you have a pairing that can’t go wrong. The beautifully handcrafted jewellery from BlueStone is a great way to infuse class to your wardrobe. Thanks to our pearl studded gold jewellery price, you can now get the design you desire without spending a fortune.

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