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Of Pearls and Gold: Pearl-studded Gold Pendants

Pearls are always a classic and why not! They are pretty, suitable for all ages, and above all, their charm is unquestionable. And no true jewellery lovers can consider their jewellery collection complete without pearl, be it a small pair of studs, a necklace or a pearl-studded pendant. From the elegant Maharani Gayatri Devi to the fashionable Coco Channel, all style divas favour pearls. Pearls are elegant, classic and as the erstwhile First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy once said, always appropriate. And when combined with the glitter of gold, the beauty of pearl knows no bounds.

Fancy adding a pearl trinket to your collection?

Here’s to you BlueStone’s pearl-studded gold pendant collection. Not only will these pendants win your hearts instantly, they will also have you coming back for more. Explore and fall in love with the eternal beauty of pearls!

What Makes Pearls Special?

Pearls, unlike other gemstones available to us today, are created by living creatures. The formation of a pearl is often equated to how perseverance can overcome all obstacles. A pearl starts out as an irritant such as a speck of dust or sand that enters an oyster shell. The oyster then coats the irritant with layers of a fluid secreted by them. These layers are called nacre. As the layers build up, a pearl is formed. The end result looks nothing like the original sand particle. Thus, many people like to wear pearl just to remind themselves that everything that happens to us can be made into something beautiful. Since pearls are created by natural, living organisms, no two pearls are ever identical.

Naturally occurring pearls are highly expensive due to their rarity. You will have to spend a fortune to buy and own one. But worry not! You don’t have to break your bank to own one of the pearl-studded gold pendants, thanks to cultured pearls. These are also real pearls except that they are cultivated under controlled conditions in labs. With the advent of cultured pearls, these white beauties have become more readily available and less expensive. So why wait to add one to your collection?

The Perfect Gemstone for All Ages

Pearls can be worn by sixteen year old girls as well as sixty year old women. At BlueStone, you can choose from a wide range of pearl pendants made of gold. Some designs like the Cacy Pendant and the Marine Pendant suit women of all ages. We also offer some designs that were created with young girls in mind. This includes designs like the Qiana Pendant and the Symphony Pendant. Working women may prefer minimalistic designs like the Rita Pendant and the Ashna Pendant. You may buy Pearl-studded gold pendant designs like this when you are in your 20s or 30s but there will never be a time when you are too old for them. That makes pearls so special!

The Ideal Jewel for all Occasions

You can buy pearl-studded gold pendant online for a number of occasions. The Ziya Pendant is ideal for everyday wear. The Mahnaz Pendant is another piece you could consider when you are looking to add a pearl pendant to your everyday jewellery collection. If you have a kitty party or a luncheon to go to, you could wear designs like the Ares Pendant or the Enchanting Melody Pendant. These designs are striking yet understated. On the other hand, when you really want to make a style statement at a cocktail party, the Oceane Pendant and the Insiya Pendant are the ones. The beauty of a pearl pendant is that it matches all types of outfits and all colours. So, even if you need to change from your work outfit to a cocktail outfit in the office, you don’t need to carry different jewellery.

Pearls and Colours

When you think of a pearl, the colour white instantly comes to mind. However, the best pearl-studded gold pendants do not necessarily have to be white. Pearls are available in a number of colours. White, of course, is the most common and most popular one in the world of pearls. The Sabrina Pendant and the Accord Pendant are beautiful examples of white pearls. The second most common colour for a pearl is off-white. This can be seen in the Fire and Ice Pendant and the Adella Pendant. Others colours a pearl can be found in include shades of pink, gold, and grey. The Apogee Pendant is one of our favourite black pearl pendants. Some of the less common colours a pearl can be found in are green and purple. What is in a colour, after all? Pearl, no matter colour they appear in, will look just as beautiful!

Pearls in the Indian Context

Do you know that these beautiful gemstones are mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata? Pearls are also associated with the eighth avatar of Vishnu and Lord Krishna. When it comes to jewellery that is associated with Indian culture, the navratna arrangement is the most well-known. This is an arrangement of 9 precious and semi-precious stones. Pearls are one of these nine stones. Two navratna designs that celebrate the beauty of pearl are the Mangala Pendant and the Madhuri Pendant. Pearls are also often used in religious pendants. If you are a follower of Lord Ganesh, you might like the Akhurath Pendant and the Mahabala Pendant.

How to Buy Pearl-Studded Gold Pendant?

We, at BlueStone, offer a number of trendy pearl-studded gold pendants online. You can buy pearl pendants for yourself or as a gift for someone else. The Livana Pendant and the Jenny Pendant are a great birthday or graduation gift for young women. Some designs like the Allison Pendant and the Acme Pendant are available with next day delivery in select cities. Thus, they not only look beautiful but are also the perfect solution when you have remembered your friend’s birthday one night before D day.

Most of our new designs in pearl-studded gold pendant collection are made in 18kt gold. Some designs like the Avelina Pendant and the Dream Catcher Pendant can also be custom made in 14kt gold. This can help reduce pearl-studded gold pendants price range to a remarkable extent.

Coco Channel once said that every woman should have ropes and ropes of pearl. Well, even if you don’t have ropes of pearl, worry not. One of these beautiful pearl pendants will look equally great on you. So, have you picked out your favourite pearl pendant yet?

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