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Emerald Cut Pendants

Flaunt the Old World Charm with Emerald Cut Pendant Designs

Different types of pendants find their way to your jewellery box for different reasons. While some of them gain a secure position in your favourite collection with their design innovation and fashion quotient, some others captivate you with the sparkle of stones etched on them. But can a pendant that doesn’t have bright sparkle and looks like nothing but a rectangle become a favourite with women? Can it set an everlasting trend?

Yes, it can. A pendant with an emerald-cut stone embedded in it is a fine case in point. Ever since they made the debut in the last century, emerald-cut stones and ornaments fascinated women and they continue to. BlueStone’s emerald cut pendant designs are a tribute to this unique vintage design. Each pendant in our display is specially crafted for those who want to add a good dose of irresistible elegance and old-world charm to their jewellery collection.

Emerald Cut Pendant Designs: Know Your Basics

Before you buy emerald cut pendant designs from us, may we interest you with some information about this unique cut? You might have already made a smart guess about the name – that is, the emerald cut. Yes, you are right too. This peculiar cut was originally developed for cutting emeralds without damaging them and that’s where it earns the name from.

To put it simple, the emerald cut is a unique step cut used for emeralds, diamonds, and other precious stones. A gemstone cut in this style has cropped corners and a large open table. One of the defining characteristics of this style is that it doesn’t give stones the sparkle or glitter of brilliant cuts primarily because it has less reflection and refraction compared to them. Rather, with the interplay of dark and light planes, the emerald cut lends a peculiar hall-of-mirrors effect to the stone. Emerald-cut diamonds and stones are best known for their dramatic flashes of light and long facets which give ornaments a sophisticated look and timeless appeal.

Emerald Cut Jewellery Designs: An Art Deco Saga

Take one look at our emerald-cut designs and you can easily guess the period this style belongs to. Understated sparkle, long facets, architectural and sleek patterns, and perfect symmetry – well, that’s the very definition of the Art Deco jewellery, isn’t it?

The classic table cut or trap cut, which is the predecessor of the emerald cut, was used for shaping stones from some 500 years ago. Emerald-cut diamonds and stones, however, rose in popularity during the Art Deco period. The designers and artists of the period placed heavy emphasis on symmetry and the emerald cut, with its step-effect and strong architectural features, fit perfectly in their design rulebook. Even today, people opt for ornaments designed in this style mainly because of the Art Deco-ish and vintage feel and charm they exude.

Buy Emerald Cut Pendant Designs from BlueStone

BlueStone, your ultimate destination for buying jewellery online, has a fabulous range of emerald-cut ornaments. Our most popular collection, besides rings, is pendants. The designers at BlueStone have brilliantly recreated the understated glitter and vintage feel of the classic emerald cut in every item in our collection.

Take, for instance, our Siona Pendant that features an emerald-cut ruby surrounded by a rectangular halo of diamonds on an 18kt gold body. You will, for a moment, doubt whether we have lifted this piece right from the vintage collection displayed in a European museum. We won’t blame you for thinking so. Such is the old-world charm it radiates; such is its elegance!

Emerald Cut Pendant Designs in White Gold

Emerald-cut diamonds and gemstones are reputed for their sophisticated look, clarity, and lack of glitter. No other metal can enhance these features like white gold which carries class and graciousness in every carat. That’s why BlueStone’s designers have come up with a marvellous range of emerald cut pendant designs in white gold.

The Razberi Pendant features a rectangular garnet surrounded by diamonds on an oval-shaped 18kt white gold body. The vivacity of the red garnet and the floral pattern in which diamonds are set around it make this piece a fine pick for your special occasions. The Paradise Pendant, as the name suggests, is a heavenly piece made with a ruby and diamonds. A total bliss to watch and wear, we vouch!

What can be better than a pendant that uses this unique cut for what it was originally developed, that is, an emerald? The Piscola Pendant, another hot-selling item in our collection, has a spectacular emerald set amidst a rectangular halo of diamonds. You can buy this pendant and complete your look with the Piscola Earrings from our earrings collection.

The Timeless Charm of Yellow Glitter and Emerald-cut Stones

The yellow metal is timeless; so are emerald-cut stones. When you combine them together in one piece of jewellery, you get beautifully designed pendants in gold. You can buy emerald cut pendants online from BlueStone and add these everlasting beauties to your jewellery collection with a click of your mouse.

The Nida Pendant, a stunning yet simple piece featuring a ruby and diamonds, is a must-have item in every office-going woman’s jewellery box. The Paragon Pendant is what you get when the splendour of emeralds, class of pearls, and glitz of diamonds mixed in the right proportion. A true paragon of grace, it is!

The Nurla Pendant, the Selgia Pendant, and the Hastan Pendant are some of the hot-selling items in our collection. Our emerald cut pendants’ prices are so competitive and affordable that you need not think twice to cart them and own them.

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