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    White Pearl Earrings

    Exude Refined Elegance with White Pearl Earrings

    White pearls are an epitome of classic, flawless beauty. They are versatile gems loved by women all around the world for their clean and crisp simplicity. They lend their elegance in the creation of a wide variety of jewellery that ranges from edgy and bohemian to sophisticated and classy. Pearls exude a satiny lustre that makes the jewellery featuring them so lust worthy. If you love them as much as we do and agree that they are nature’s marvels meant to be adored and adorned, then you should buy white pearl earring designs at BlueStone. From flawless pearls from the deepest oceans to impeccable freshwater cultured pearls, we bring them to you through our extensive collection available at unbelievable white pearl earrings price. We have studs, drops, hoops, and a lot more for you. Start shopping already!

    Symbolism of Divine White Pearls

    White pearls are heavenly gems associated with angels and everything good. They are unique gemstones and one of the rare precious stones that are not found in the depths of land but arise from the deepest seas and oceans. They are naturally lustrous and don’t require special polishing or cutting to reveal their beauty. Pearls have been revered since ancient times as gifts of the seas and considered one of the most valuable gems in many cultures around the world. They have been used in jewellery since ancient times. In the Byzantine empire, there were rules that allowed only emperors to wear pearls.

    In many cultures in the ancient history, pearls represented the moon and were considered to hold magical properties. It was a belief in ancient Chinese civilisations that wearing pearls ensured protection from dragons and fire. Whereas there are many other cultures that associate pearls with modesty and chastity. They were also exchanged as gifts amongst royalty. Famously called an oyster’s autobiography, a pearl continues to be the symbol of innocence, purity, integrity, loyalty, and the generosity the person who wears it.

    Stylish Pearl Earrings Spell Effervescence

    Our extensive collection of white pearl earrings are embodiments of everything elegant and classic. Our collection includes pieces of fine jewellery that will compliment your special occasion attire and pieces that are great choices for everyday wear. The intricate designs of some of our earrings can liven up your formal look too. Give in to their radiant lustre and buy white pearl earrings online at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery destination.

    Stunning White Pearl Earring Designs

    The Brizo Earrings will take your breath away with their subdued elegance. They are simple studs made of 18kt white gold and feature a flawless central pearl surrounded by sparkling diamonds that accentuate its looks. The Sweet Tourmaline Earrings combine simplicity with colour with their 18kt white gold body studded with a bright and elegant pink tourmaline and a smooth, rounded white pearl below it. The Tarish Earrings, a pair of drop earrings, prominently display how valuable white pearls are by nestling them in a sweet embrace in their leaf-like 18kt gold silhouette. Browse our collection for witnessing all the grandeur yourself.

    Taking Care of Your Pearl Jewellery

    As valuable as they are, pearls are also sensitive and need extra care. The acid in sweat can damage pearls over time. So it is important to clean them every time you wear pearl jewellery that touches your skin or comes in contact with perspiration. All you have to do is wipe your pearl jewellery with a damp or dry cloth after every use. Also, you have to be careful that you don’t bring your pearls in contact with perfume or any other chemicals and extreme heat. Don’t leave pearls in the sun or use a hair dryer while wearing pearl jewellery. Take care of your pearls to make them stay stunning for ages.

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