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Pearl Studded White Gold Earrings

The Drops So Pure: Pearl Studded White Gold Earrings

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of pearls – pure, serene, peace, simplicity, elegance and more? Pearls, derived from oysters and mollusks, are the simplest yet most elegant pieces of jewellery. They are available in different combinations and styles and can be worn on various occasions. Many a time, pearls have slight tints of pink or yellow as well. With the evolving Jewellery trends and changing fashion needs, designs undergo a transition every now and then. However, these ornate classics are pieces worth owning. Nothing defines simplicity and grace better than pearl sets. Buy pearl studded white gold earring designs from our extensive collection.

White represents peace. It also reflects purity and serenity, as do these white beauties studded in ornaments. Take a look at the various pearl studded white gold earring designs available at BlueStone today and get ready to rock your world with valour and style.

Simplicity at Its Best: Buy Pearl Studded White Gold Earring Designs

Basics are the best. Like they say classics never go out of style. There is nothing better than a simple, basic set of pearl earrings set in white gold. Imparting just the right amount of transparency are these simplistic patterns that can be worn with absolutely any outfit and at any occasion. Some of these studs include the Brizo Earrings, the Nerissa Earrings, and the Attina Earrings. All of them have a single big pearl with a rim of diamonds around them. Looking smart and elegant, these less flashy earrings form the perfect pair even as office-wear. These pearl studded white gold earring designs are the best ones to gift to someone you love as well, as you just cannot go wrong with them. Flaunt them at absolutely any and every occasion and store these durable duos for a lifetime.

The Coloured Concoctions

How much white is too much white? Nothing really; not until you are a fan of colours and just cannot flaunt those plain white drops of pearls. How about coupling them with some other gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds and others? Take a look at the beautiful violet tinted specs of amethyst accompanied by pearls and diamonds in the Fashion Aura Earrings. There are some pieces set in rubies too, like the Flora Allure Earrings and the Shellina Earrings. One of the prettiest patterns is the one in a tint of creamy blush as seen in the Anahita Earrings. Sitting pretty in pale blues are hues that leave you dreaming. Try the variety sporting the aquamarine stone Dream Date Earrings. For those who like it a little loud, there is a deep mauve variety of pink tourmaline with a pearl each, namely the Sweet Memory Earrings. These coloured dynamites radiate just enough brilliance to complement the subtle nature of the pearls they carry along. Make sure you glance through the entire range as you buy pearl studded white gold earrings online.

The Dreamy Danglers: Buy Pearl Studded White Gold Earrings Online

Danglers are the preferred choice of many women. With pearl earrings in the picture, there are special occasions and parties where you might want to flaunt them in a heavier or catchy format. Some of the relatively hooped or drop versions include tiny danglers like the Allana Earrings and the Princess Sparkle Earrings. Pure pearls oozing out of hoops studded with diamonds all around the circumference can be seen in the Beatrice Earrings and the Avalon Earrings. Try the exquisite two-toned the Andrina Earrings. Then there are these typical dazzling, attention-gripping danglers like the curvy twines of the Paired Joy Earrings and the floral extensions in diamonds of the Dazzling Floria Earrings. The series of dangling earrings in pearls look magnificent with or without diamonds.

Scan through the entire range and go through every piece of the series to compare the pearl studded white gold earrings’ prices and place your order to the best of you budget. We also offer exclusive deals on selected pieces. Own your pearl today.

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