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Green Pearl Earrings

Green Pearl Earring Designs: The Evergreen Beauty of Pearls and Emeralds

It’s wonderful how fashion has a cyclical life. In a way, jewellery never gets old. Lovers of the old-fashioned jhumkas and drops will rejoice to see BlueStone’s new collection of green pearl earring designs. The pieces in this collection, as the name suggests, feature two of the most cherished gemstones of all times – pearls and emeralds. The radiant beauty of white pearls, the lush green charm of emeralds, and the eternal appeal of gold come together to in these earrings to make them absolute stunners. Whether you are looking for a pair of traditional jhumkas to sport on a big fat Indian wedding or a pair of short drops to wear on a special occasion, this collection has them all.

Green and White: The Timeless Classic

Pearls are the classiest jewels of our time, or perhaps, of all times. The ancient Egyptians prized these gems so much so that they buried their dead with pearls. Queen Cleopatra reportedly dissolved a pearl from one of her earrings in a glass of either wine or vinegar, and drank it as a mark of the kingdom’s prosperity and richness. The Koran too, speaks of pearls as one of the great rewards found in Paradise, and the gem itself has become a symbol of perfection. This is the reason why pearls have attained a high position in Nawabi jewellery, especially with a green element which is also the sign of peace and prosperity. With these green pearl earring designs, we at BlueStone have tried to recreate the age-old magic of the traditional jewellery that has been part of many a family heirloom.

Surreal Beauties: Buy Green Pearl Earrings Online from BlueStone

This is one collection that stays in the family for decades, even centuries, growing in its worth as the years pass by. BlueStone has left no stone unturned to offer you various designs as you buy green pearl earrings online at our store. From traditional and classic patterns to detachable, fusion and cluster designs, our range has a little something for everyone.

For those who want to adorn their ears with a pair of earrings that exude regal charm, we have the Regal Mayura Jhumka. This classic piece has green lustrous emeralds wrapped with diamonds and off-white pearls suspended from it. This trendy fusion piece from our Imperial Nest Collection is a perfect contender to be worn to all festive occasions. This exquisite pair also makes for the perfect companion for traditional wedding outfits. So, if you are looking for a pair of bridal earrings for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member, here is a royal beauty you can consider.

Another exquisite pair from our Imperial Nest Collection is the Fatima Detachable Jhumka. Made of 18kt gold, these earrings feature a cluster of emeralds and two dangling pearls set on the traditional jhumka design. This pair can be used as two separate ornaments because of its detachable nature. It works as a sole emerald stud and as a pearl jhumka. Weddings, anniversaries, festivals, or special occasions, wear this green stunner with a matching ethnic outfit. Buy green pearl earrings online from us and you are sure to turn a few heads no matter where you are headed to.

Lustrous yet Light: Lightweight Green Pearl Earring Designs

Jhumkas, without any doubt, are the most gorgeous and quintessentially Indian earring design. Whether it is a big fat Indian wedding or a glamorous Bollywood event, these traditional beauties have earned the reputation of being the go-to ornament. However, a downside of many traditional jhumkas you find in offline jewellery stores is that that they are too heavy to be worn for long hours. When you want to dazzle at a wedding – from morning till night – a pair of hefty earrings is the last thing you want, right? That’s why the designers at BlueStone bring to you our all new collection of lightweight jhumkas.

Take, for instance, the Himanshi Jhumka in our collection. The stud of the jhumka has luminous marquise-cut emeralds set amidst an artistic design; several drops of pearls hang from the jhumka, additing to its traditional charm. This two-tier design makes for an elaborate fashion statement without being heavy on your delicate earlobes. The Trisha Jhumka is another pair of lightweight earrings you can consider from this range.

Buy Green Pearl Earring Designs in Drops

Long or short, traditional or contemporary, drops are always in vogue. Besides the mesmerising range of traditional jhumkas, we also have green pearl earrings for the contemporary fashion lovers. The Paragon Earrings are short drops made of 18kt gold; the lustre of emeralds, diamonds, and off-white pearls makes this pair an enviable pick for anniversaries, parties and cocktail nights. If you have an oblong face or diamond face, consider wearing this multistone stunner to enhance the facial features of your face.

Have our designs in this collection made your jaws drop? Get ready to be amazed at the green pearl earrings price we are offering. Are you torn between two designs? Avail our home try-on scheme that allows you to try jewellery within the comfort of your home without any obligation to purchase. Come, explore, and lose yourself to the evergreen designs we offer.

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