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Men’s Pendant Designs: Flaunt it in Style

Men’s love affair with pendants is not a new phenomenon. The ancient man who wore amulets and talismans to ward off evil spirits was perhaps the first to wear a pendant on his neck.  Men’s reasons for wearing pendants changed through the centuries and so did the designs, styles, and patterns. Today men’s gold pendant designs in various styles and patterns are exploding in popularity and the modern man loves to flaunt a little piece of twinkle on his chest either as a fashion statement or as a sign of faith. For fashion or faith, elegantly designed pendants are an indispensable accessory in men’s jewellery collection nowadays.

The golden history of men’s gold pendant designs

It goes without saying that the first pendants men wore were not made of gold or other precious metals. Ancient people were quite adept at making jewellery out of shells, stones, and other resources they found around them, and this goes true for pendants too. The earliest known gold pendant, which dates back to the seventeenth century BCE, was in the shape of two hornets clasped together. The Egyptian pharaohs are believed to have worn large size pendants in the shape of winged beetles and sacred serpents to show their wealth and power.

The Middle Age saw the emergence of reliquaries and devotional symbols and the finest example of this can be found in Charlemagne’s sapphire pendant made of gold.  For the noblemen of the fourteenth century, it was customary to wear pendants with armourial themes; with the onset of the sixteenth century, men’s gold pendants became more decorative in nature and were often studded with precious stones.

Beyond flowers and filigree: Contemporary men’s gold pendant designs

Men’s gold pendant designs you find today are a fine amalgamation of beauty, fashion, and faith in every imaginable form. When you buy men’s gold pendants online, you will notice that many themes and motifs commonly used in women’s pendants are visibly absent from men’s collections. It is hard, though not impossible, to find men’s pendants designed in floral and foliage themes or in the shape of hearts or butterflies. Likewise, you are more likely to find a bullet-shaped or a dumbbell-shaped gold pendant in a man’s collection than a woman’s. As today’s jewellery industry caters to the changing fashion trends of men, designers go all the way to ensure that men’s pendants display both variety and uniqueness.

For the love of sports: Wear it on the ground and in the field

A unique and somewhat fascinating theme that finds its expression in men’s pendants is sports. Pendants designed in the shape of football, cricket pitch, cricket ball, boxing gloves, etc. are increasing in popularity among urban youngsters, especially sports enthusiasts. BlueStone, the leading online jeweller in India, brings to you an exclusive collection of gold pendants designed after sports. You can buy men’s gold pendant designs from this collection to display your craze for cricket or football. How about watching the next Brazil vs. Germany match wearing our Neymar Pendant or Muller Pendant? Lovers of cricket, despair not! We have artfully crafted pieces like the Master Blaster Pendant and the Direct Hit Pendant to cater to your cricket mania.  You can also buy the Powerplay Pendant and score your sixers and boundaries in style.

Faith or fashion or both: Buy men’s pendants online from BlueStone

For a long time, people thought faith and fashion are mutually exclusive categories and that, visual markers of faith should be simple, plain, and austere. Well, not anymore! Today, no other industry experiments with religious and faith symbols the way fashion and jewellery industries do. BlueStone’s collection of religious pendants is ideal for men who want to carry a piece of their faith wherever they go. Our display in this category includes some signature pieces like the Asher Cross Pendant, the Murabbi Pendant, and the Anmol Om Pendant. We also have an exciting array of Ganesha pendants like the Mangalmurti Pendant and the Shubhan Pendant. 

Gold is as much a man’s metal as it is a woman’s and pendants look as great on men as they do on women. So all you men of fashion and faith out there, if you are planning to buy a gold pendant, BlueStone offers you the best of designs and our men’s gold pendants’ prices are quite within your budget.

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