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Valentine Designers Pick Nose Pins: Tiny Trinkets for the Big Day of Love

Almost all women in a relationship look forward to being gifted something special on Valentine’s Day. Almost all men in love like to spring a surprise for their women in their own ways, from flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped items to candle light dinners, couple holidays, and much more. This Valentine’s Day, say goodbye to these stereotypical gifts and bring a smile on her face with something special. And, there’s nothing more special than a sparkling piece of jewellery.

The very word Valentine’s Day jewellery brings in the image of – yes, you guessed it – rings. However, when looking for a trinket for your lady love, you need not limit your options to the much clichéd rings. How about gifting her something unconventional yet beautiful? If your woman has her nose pierced, one of our valentine designers pick nose pin designs could be the perfect gift.

Why Choose Nose Pins as a Valentine’s Day Gift?

To begin with, nose pins are pretty. They lighten up a woman’s face in a way no other ornaments can match. So if you are looking to bring a sparkle on your loved one’s face, what better gift can you give her than a nose pin? For a long time, nose ornaments have been an integral part of Indian bridal trousseau and an indispensable trinket for married Hindu women. This longstanding traditional ornament, however, has got a fashionable revival in the past few decades. Today, a nose pin is a more a mark of style than a symbol of tradition. Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Vidya Balan are some of the ladies who have led this fashion trend. When you choose a nose pin for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you are choosing a trinket that carries tradition, fashion, panache, and lots and lots of twinkle. What more does she need from you to shine like a star?

Picking the Perfect Nose Pin for Your Woman

A nose pin may be a small piece of jewellery but it makes a large statement. If you are not sure about the style preferences of your woman, go for single stud nose pins like the Lobelia Nose Pin. These are timeless classics you cannot go wrong with. Keep in mind that when it comes to nose pins, big isn’t always better. Don’t choose an oversized nose pin just to show the breadth and depth of your love. You need to take into consideration the nose size of the wearer. Ideally, delicate nose pin designs like the Daphne Nose Pin suit small noses while more elaborate designs like the Caladium Nose Pin suit larger noses. If you want to make her feel more special, how about you go buy valentine designers pick nose pin designs in her birthstone? For women born in May, the emerald studded Tien Nose Pin is the perfect gift while the Periwinkle Nose Pin is an ideal gift for a lady who celebrates her birthday in November.

Buy Valentine Designers Pick Nose Pins Online

Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift has become so much easier with online shopping. Now, you can buy jewellery from the comfort of your home without having to brave the sun and traffic. If you’ve left picking a gift till the last minute, some of our valentine designers pick nose pin designs like the Adonis Nose Pin and the Allium Nose Pin can even be ordered one day before D day. Budget is one of the deciding factors when it comes to picking a valentine’s gift. All our designs are typically made in 18kt gold and affordably priced, but if there’s a design you love which is slightly above your budget, you could choose to reduce the valentine designers pick nose pins price by customising it to be made in 14kt gold.

Another factor to keep in mind is the size and weight of diamonds. For example, the Allium Nose Pin and the Pansy Nose Pin have a similar design, but the size and weight of the diamond featured on each of them differ significantly. As a result, the latter is almost five times costlier than the former. You can also customise the colour and clarity of the diamonds used in these nose pins. Keep in mind that the clearer the diamond and the more colourless it is, the more expensive the nose pin will be.

A Note to Single Women

All you women out there, you need not wait for the prince charming of your life to buy these sparkling trinkets for you. If you are in a relationship, single, or undergoing a break-up, you can choose to feel special on this Valentine’s Day. There is nothing greater and more liberating than self-love. You can buy these valentine designers pick nose pin designs for yourself and celebrate your singlehood like a true diva. If you prefer a simple design, go for the Freesia Nose Screw. Those who want the mega sparkle of multiple diamonds can go for an ornate piece like Aurum Nose Pins. Choose your twinkle from the amazing range we offer and celebrate love no matter what your relationship status is!

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