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Valentine’s Day Jewellery Designs: Declare Your Love with A Little Glitter

It’s that time of the year again! Greeting card sellers display their new stock of cards with elaborate love poems; florists are all set to sell bright red roses in singles and bulk; heart-shaped gifts and teddy bears are already there on the shelves of many shops; confectionaries proudly showcase their heart-shaped chocolates in glittery boxes waiting to be bought and exchanged. This valentine’s day, those who want to take the conventional route can choose from any of the above. For those who want to try something different, we have the Valentine’s Day jewellery designs – a unique, sparkling, foolproof way of telling your lover that she or he is as a precious and beautiful as a jewel.

Valentine’s Day jewellery designs: Break the conventions

The connection love has with jewellery is more intimate than many would imagine. From the ancient caveman who gifted his lover pretty little ornaments made of animal teeth or pebbles to Richard Burton who surprised Elizabeth Taylor with one of the most iconic diamonds in the world, people exchanged pieces of jewellery as an expression of romantic love all through history. Jewellery is the most coveted form of gift and a unique statement of love and companionship. Unlike flowers that bloom today and perish tomorrow or chocolates that are eaten and forgotten, jewellery is a useful accessory and lasts for a lifetime. And that’s precisely why you should buy Valentine’s Day jewellery designs this year to give your love a tangible expression.

Say it with heart-shaped Valentine’s Day jewellery

There is only one symbol that can stake a claim to the oldest and the most ubiquitous icon of love – the heart. The history of heart-shaped jewellery dates back to the late medieval period when lords and ladies exchanged brooches and rings in the shape of heart as a sign of romantic love. The tradition of giving heart jewellery has only become stronger since then and even today it is one of the most popularly exchanged gifts between two hearts in love. At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of heart jewellery to everyone who wishes to offer a piece of their heart to the love of their life. Choose from our romantic display of heart rings, earrings, and pendants to surprise your partner with a bit of glitter.

Seal it with a ring: Buy Valentine’s Day jewellery online from BlueStone

Ah, rings! Those tiny, pretty pieces shaped like the everlasting circle of love! Is there a better way of celebrating this Valentine’s Day than by gifting your lover an elegantly crafted ring? If you want to say it with a ring, you are at the right place. The ingenious designers at BlueStone have crafted the most romantic range of rings in gold and white gold to make your Valentine’s Day special. The Ziel Ring and the Carida Ring are ideal for those who want to see the elegance of white gold and the glitter of diamonds on their ladylove’s finger. If your choice is gold, we have artfully crafted pieces like the Herze Ring and the Tender Love Ring. Or you can make the strongest statement of companionship with our twin heart designs that include the Entwined in Love Ring or the Letizia Ring. Fancy a dash of colours? Worry not! We have rings with colourful stones such as the Mirella Ring and the Amarela Ring to paint your love story in colours.

Valentine’s Day jewellery designs in earrings, pendants, and bracelets

You can buy Valentine’s Day jewellery designs not just from our rings collection. How about gifting her a pair of sparkly earrings studded with diamonds or precious stones? Our Hearts Together Earrings and Milada Earrings are made of gold and studded with diamonds and they will shine on her ears like stars. If you fancy adding a touch of luxury to your Valentine’s Day gift, the Enchanted Love Earring or the Liba Earrings will do it for you.

That’s not all. You can choose from our wide range of love pendants to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one. The Amorette Pendant and the Blissful Love Pendant are some of the most popular pieces with simple yet elegant designs while the Anya Pendant and the Keela Pendant are magnificence reincarnated. The Anchored Love Bracelet and the Love Affair openable Bracelet are excellent pieces of craftsmanship to adorn your lover’s wrists.

Valentine’s Day jewellery designs for him

The Valentine’s Day is a day for him and her alike. That’s why BlueStone brings to you an exclusive collection of jewellery designs handcrafted for men. Are you planning to surprise your man with a gift this year? The Sound of Love Band for Him and the Profound Love Band for Him are your best picks. Our unisex bracelet collection that includes the Sound of Love Bracelet and the Sparkle of Love Bracelet is also ideal for the menfolk. BlueStone’s Valentine’s Day jewellery prices are affordable and we run great offers and deals on a selected range of pieces. The good news is that you don’t have to go overboard with your budget as many items in our collection are priced below INR 10,000.

Who said Valentine’s Day is all about cards, roses, and chocolates? Make your special day brighter than a red rose, sweeter than chocolates, and more poetic than a greeting card with BlueStone’s Valentine’s Day jewellery designs.

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