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Create a Circle of Love with Valentine’s Day Rings

For two hearts in love, every day is a celebration. But if there is a day - the Valentine’s Day – dedicated exclusively to celebrate love, shouldn’t we be doing something special on that day? The history of Valentine’s Day is not as romantic as you think; it is with filled martyrs, beheadings, imprisonments, and many other things we don’t normally associate with love or celebration. Well, you don’t have to become a martyr, be imprisoned, or lose your head to be part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. All you need for this special day is a special gift – a gift that captures the spirit of love and togetherness. How about celebrating your love this year by gifting your partner a beautifully designed ring?

Love and rings: Made for each other

For those who are not convinced why rings are the perfect gifts for expressing love, here is a little bit of history. From the ancient times, people wore rings as an expression of many things including wealth, power, devotion, and social status. The practice of exchanging or gifting rings, however, was almost always associated with romantic love. For the ancient Egyptians, the circle symbolised eternity and they considered rings as signifying the steadfast and everlasting love between couples. The Greeks also considered rings as a token of love and affection. A primary glance into the history of many historical rings such as the poesy rings, Claddagh rings, and gimmel rings would make one thing pretty clear – they all represented love.

Valentine’s Day ring designs for the lovers and the loved

People have long been exchanging gifts as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations but the traditions of gifting changed from time to time and place to place. In the seventeenth century, hand-written greeting cards were exchanged between lovers and as time went on, flowers and chocolates became popular and universal choices of gifts. But if you want to break away from conventional gifting practices and try something new, gorgeously designed Valentine’s Day rings are your best bet. Rings are beautiful, they contain the very idea of romantic love, and your partner can carry your love everywhere just by wearing that circle of love on the finger. With many leading online jewellers offering exclusive Valentine’s Day collections, shopping for a ring for your loved one is now pleasurable experience.

Say it with a heart ring: Buy Valentine’s Day rings online from BlueStone

Are you still trying to figure out how to tell her that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Worry not!  Actions speak louder than words and when it comes to love, certain symbols speak louder than everything else. Yes, we are talking about the universal symbol of love – the heart. BlueStone understands the importance of heart-shaped jewellery in the lives of two loving hearts and that’s why we bring to you an amazing collection of heart-shaped rings. All you need to do is to buy Valentine’s Day ring designs from our collection and they will speak for you.

At BlueStone, you can buy heart rings made of both gold and white gold studded with diamonds, such as the Kerenza Ring and the Ziel Ring. The Amarela Ring and the Mirella Ring also come in gold, but they have a heart-shaped gemstone fixed at the centre of the ring. Twin heart designs like the Milada Ring and multiple hearts designs like the Hearts Symphony Ring are some of the popular pieces men pick for the love of their life.

Valentine’s Day ring designs for him

The ring is an ornament liked by men and women alike and that makes it an ideal gift for men too on special days and occasions. Surprise your husband, partner, or lover with a gold ring or band this Valentine’s Day. The Profound Love Band for Him and the Sparkle of Love Ring for Him are some of the signature pieces we have designed for the menfolk.

Our Valentine’s Day rings’ prices are within your budget and we give special offers and deals on selected pieces. Love is priceless but you can always express your priceless love with affordable and elegantly created ring designs.

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