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Women's Valentines Day Rings

Celebrate Love with Women’s Valentine’s Day Ring Designs

Valentine’s Day and rings have always had a close association. In fact, many young men choose this day of romance to pop the question or propose to their partner with a ring. Even if you are not ready to get married just yet, you can still gift your valentine a ring on this day as a sign of your love. Why go for flowers or chocolates when you can bring a smile on your lover’s face with a tiny trinket? The women’s Valentine’s Day ring designs we offer are just what you need to make your love a sparkling affair.

Hearts: A Symbol of Everlasting Love

Hearts are one of the most common motifs associated with romance. While some believe that the iconic heart shape was modelled after human anatomy, others believe it to be a derivation of ivy leaves that symbolise fidelity. Two hearts joined together are said to signify everlasting love. Two of our most popular women's Valentine’s Day ring designs with intertwined hearts are the Art of Love Ring and the Entwined in Love Ring. For two hearts beating as one, what better way to express their love than with a finely crafted heart-shaped ring?

Buy Women's Valentine's Day Ring Designs That Are One of a Kind

When you buy a ring for a woman, you must keep her tastes and personality in mind. Designs like the Letizia Ring are ideal for a woman with a fine taste in jewellery while the Ultimate Love Ring is better suited for a woman who likes to make a bold statement. If the love of your life likes keeping up with fashion trends, the Coming Together Ring is perfect for her. This open ring design made of 18kt gold features two hearts with diamonds studded in the centre.

Not all women like hearts but every woman loves to be told that she is loved. With this in mind, our designers created rings that are free from typical romantic motifs. Take, for instance, the Sound of Love Band for Her. This plain gold ring made of 22kt gold features the heartbeats pattern. The Sparkle of Love Ring for Her is a diamond-studded version of the same design made of 18kt gold. Both these rings are part of our couple band collection, so you can pick the matching male versions of these rings and make a statement about your unique bond.

The Perfect Picture of Love: Locket Rings

The origins of locket rings are unknown but they do have a long history. Unlike the romantic locket rings of today, the earliest locket rings were designed to hold poison. It was Queen Elizabeth I who first wore a locket ring with pictures instead of poison. It is believed that her ring opened out to two portraits facing each other. She is believed to have worn the ring for most of her life with a portrait of her mother on one side and a portrait of herself when she was younger on the other. As locket rings grew popular, it also became fashionable to put a lock of your loved one’s hair inside the locket. If you’re looking for a unique locket ring, take a look at our Quest of Love Openable Ring. Made of 18kt gold, this plain gold ring has a heart-shaped openable locket to store a tiny photograph, a small note of love, etc.

Gemstone Rings to Add Colours to Your Love Life

When you buy women’s Valentine’s Day rings online from us, you don’t have to limit your options to plain gold rings and diamond-studded pieces. To make your love a colourful affair, our designers have crafted exquisite gemstone rings in gold. The Mirella Ring, for instance, has a heart-shaped blue topaz set amidst two sparkling diamonds. The Amarela Ring has a similar design, but the central stone in this piece is a heart-shaped citrine. The Ultimate Love Ring featuring a beautiful amethyst and the Just Say Love Ring with a bright red garnet are other designs you can consider from this range.

Buy Women's Valentine’s Day Rings Online to Spring a Surprise for Her

Today, buying a ring for the love of your life is easy as long as you know her ring size. If you don’t want to ask her but still need to know her ring size, measure the diameter of one of her rings and correlate it to a ring size chart. If the diameter falls between two sizes, pick the larger size. Love is priceless, but your budget is an important consideration when choosing a ring. The gold caratage and the size and number of gemstones used in a ring play a key role in determining women's Valentine’s Day rings prices. Thus, it is important for you to decide whether you want more diamonds on the ring or you want bigger diamonds. For example, the Lovers Hearts Ring and the Hearts Symphony Ring are comparably priced; the former features a lot of small diamonds while the latter has fewer but larger stones.

The good news is that all rings in our collection are affordably priced, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to offer your lover a piece of your heart. Browse through our designs and get set to woo your lady with a beautiful ring.

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