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Enhance the Beauty of Your Wrists with Round Bangle Jewellery

Bangles are all a woman needs to instantly uplift her outfit. They have been a popular type of jewellery since the time men and women lived in caves. The difference is that today, gold is preferred to raw leather strands; animal teeth and sea shells have been replaced by gemstones. Unless you are a time traveler from the past, you will agree that today’s round bangle jewellery designs are a lot more stylish than the cave-woman’s bangles. At BlueStone, you can buy round bangle jewellery online in a range of designs and varying price points.

Plain Gold Bangles

Let’s admit it. Plain gold bangles are classy, always and ever. If you prefer yellow glitter without any stone embellishments, buy round bangle designs made of 22kt gold. Our slim bangles like the Pleasing Leaves Bangle and the Breathtaking Designed Bangle are ideal for everyday wear. Do you prefer wearing something a little broader? Take a look at the Sanam Bangle or the Chaste Pride Bangles.

Plain gold bangles are not restricted to everyday wear. Even without gemstones, these gold bangles can make quite a statement. The Natalie Bangle and the Zoey Bangle are the perfect accessories for a cocktail party. Alternatively, take a look at the Dizzying Dapper Bangles and the Influential Structure Bangle.

Bangles with Gemstones

When it comes to pairing gemstones with bangles, diamonds are the most popular choice. The Rehi Bangle and the Ami Bangle are two of our most popular diamond studded gold bangles. If you are looking for something sleeker, the Rukma Bangle and the Hansa Bangle might be the perfect designs.

Our Round bangle jewellery collection also features a number of other gemstones. The Ulys Bangle with peridots and amethysts is one such example. Gemstone studded bangles are also popular with women who like to colour coordinate their outfits and their jewellery. For example, if you are wearing a green saree, emerald studded designs like the Kanara Bangle would be the perfect accessory. The Angana Bangle featuring rubies and emeralds is another design you could consider.

A gemstone studded bangle like the Isha Bangle could also be the perfect gift for a woman celebrating her birthday in January. This is because the rubies in this bangle are the birthstone for Capricorns. Alternatively, the Nupur Bangle could also be a great birthday gift for Capricorn women. Similarly, the Casyan Bangle is a gift a Taurean woman would cherish forever.

White Gold Bangles

The best round bangle jewellery need not be in gold. For women who like to keep up with fashion trends, we also offer an exclusive range of white gold bangles. White gold has the same value as gold but has a more modern appeal. If you are looking for something minimal, the Verena Bangle and the Heirra Bangle will seem made just for you. Classic eternity bangles like the Joan Bangle and the Cahaat Bangle are popular with women of all ages.

Fancy wearing something edgy and unique? Don’t miss the Tulip Bangle. If you want to stand out at a party or wedding, swap your regular gold bangles for white gold bangles. The Saidi Bangle and the Sila Bangle are perfect for such occasions.

How to Make a Style Statement with Bangles?

Bangles can be worn in a number of different ways to make a style statement. Some women like wearing a single bangle like the Vilaan Bangle on the right or left wrist. Others prefer wearing bangles like the Plush Aureate Bangle or the Trailing Spray Bangles on both hands. Still, others like to stack multiple bangles on one hand. When stacking bangles, it is best to wear an odd number of bangles. For example, you could wear the Mila Bangle, the Adrika Bangle, and the Waverly Bangle together. Alternatively, complement the Soma Bangle with Shirin Bangle and the Monica Bangle.

Bangles for Men

When it comes to buying trendy round bangle jewellery online, women aren’t alone. A number of men also like adorning their wrists with jewellery. The only difference is that they prefer to call a bangle a kada. Bangles for men tend to be broader than bangles for women. The Vedaanth Kada for Him and the Harish Kada for Him are two of our classic designs for modern men.

Jewellery for men is rarely ornamented with gemstones. Instead, designs are etched out or highlighted with rhodium. For example, the Alok Kada for Him and the Swayambhu Kada for Him feature intricately etched details. Rhodium can be used on a section of gold and create a pattern or highlighted an etched pattern. The Vashisht Kada for Him is an example of the former while the Nirvay Kada for Him is an example of how rhodium can highlight etched designs.

How to Buy Round Bangle Jewellery?

At BlueStone, we offer a number of new designs in round bangle jewellery. When picking a bangle, it is necessary not only for the design to be beautiful but also for it to match the wearer’s personality. For example, if a woman likes flowers, the Samreet Bangle would complement her style beautifully. Another important aspect of buying gold bangles is to ensure that it fits right. Our bangles are available in a range of 8 sizes. So, ensure that you check the size chart before buying a bangle. The third factor that influences a woman’s choice of jewellery is her budget. It’s no fun to fall in love with a design only to realize that it is beyond our budget. Thankfully, when you shop at BlueStone, you can customise certain aspects of a bangle to reduce the round bangle jewellery price. For example, you could reduce the carat value of gold to from 18kt to 14kt in the case of gemstone studded bangles. Our plain gold bangles are available in both 22kt and 18kt caratage. Additionally, you can also customise the colour and clarity of diamonds used.

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