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Two Tone Ring Designs: A Trend on the Rise

When it comes to rings, it is hard to confine your tastes and likings to one metal, isn’t it? You always love the agelessness of gold, but you cannot say no to the appeal of white gold. And how can any jewellery enthusiast resist the freshness and originality of rings designed in rose gold? Well, you are not alone. We have all been there. There are times we simply cannot decide what we want - the radiant beauty of white, the glamourous glitter of yellow, or the whimsical appeal of pink.

Consider yourself lucky! Two-tone ring designs, a trend currently on the rise, are real saviours when you want to sport in more than one metal or colour. For those looking to enhance their bling quotient instantly and in an effortless manner, BlueStone offers a wide range of two-tone ring designs.

A Little Yellow, A Little White: Two-tone Ring Designs in Gold

Rings that radiate the seamless glitter of gold are indeed beautiful. When punctuated with a little white here and a little white there, their beauty is taken to another level. At BlueStone, you can buy two-tone ring designs made of gold and speckled with rhodium plating. Take, for instance, the Kara Ring made of 18kt gold. The infinity symbol featured in the middle of the yellow band is plated in white and the sparkling diamonds studded on the symbol give the ring a unique charm.

The Aqura Ring and the Embrace Ring are two simple yet elegant patterns, which are easy on your wallet too. The Nova Ring and the Art of Love Ring feature the timeless heart shape accented with white plating while the Halle Ring is designed in the evergreen floral theme.

Buy Two-tone Rings Online to a Splash of Freshness to Your Office Jewellery

Choosing rings to wear with your office outfit is a tough task. They shouldn’t be too heavy or simple, but should be elegant and classy enough to give you a cool professional look. That makes elegantly and artfully designed two-tone ring designs the right pick for your office jewellery collection.

The Harmonic Duet Ring and the Entwined Leafy Ring are office-appropriate designs and their understated glitter is just what you need to go with your formal outfit. The Salome Ring and the Sofia Ring feature sparkling diamonds on their gold body, yet they are neutral enough to go with western as well as Indian apparels. We have the Daring Hero Ring and the Confident Male Ring designed for men who wish to show up in style.

Make an Inimitable Fashion Statement with Two-tone Ring Designs

When you want to make a fashion statement in a way that is unique and matchless, two-tone rings are your best bet. Take, for instance, the Waves Lattice Ring made of 18kt gold and studded with diamonds. The floral theme and intricate latticework make this piece a fine choice when you want to grace a Saturday party in style or attend a family gathering. The Haley Heart Ring features several diamond-studded hearts within a large heart-shaped silhouette plated in white. A truly magnificent piece of craftsmanship!

The Calla Ring might be a simple design without stone embellishments, but what it lacks in sparkle, it makes up for in design innovation. The Amanie Ring and the Lavishi Floral Ring, two beautiful pieces crafted in the floral theme, will give your jewellery collection the unbeatable flower power.

Two-tone Ring Designs in White and Rose Gold

When you buy two-tone ring designs from us, you need not limit your choices to the yellow metal. The white gold and rose gold rings in our collection are for those who want something other than the yellow glitter. The Mave Ring is a simple yet mind-blowing design made of white gold and the presence of gold plating takes its beauty to a different level. The Cassia Ring is a one-of-its-kind design and the tiny infinity knot featured in the middle of the band is plated with rose gold, which gives the ring an irresistible charm.

If you are a lover of flowers and the heart shape, the Amy Ring is just the right piece for you. This white gold ring is crafted in the floral theme and it features tiny hearts studded with sparkling diamonds. The rose gold petal on the ring adds to its undeniable wow factor.

The Salient Floral Ring and the Adreana Ring are made of 18kt rose gold and the white gold plating on these pieces adds to their beauty. If you want something unique, not just in design but also in utility, go for your Tommie Ring and Pendant. This stunning ring doubles as a pendant and gives you a bigger bang for the bucks you spend. 

Adorn Your Fingers with Two-tone Band Rings

Typically, band rings are reputed for their classic and timeless design. The ingenious designers at BlueStone have given this classic style a modern twist by crafting beautiful two-tone band rings. The Divine Union Band for Him and its female counterpart are for those couples who want to wear matching pieces to celebrate their union. The Profound Love Band for Him features half a heart on its gold body and the other half featured on the female version completes the set. The Dual Sonata Ring for Him and the Dual Sonata Ring for Her are our modern interpretation of the age-old band design. Those who fancy intricate patterns can opt for our Kyna Ring for Her and its masculine version.

Our two-tone rings’ prices are so affordable that you can own your favourite piece without burning a hole in your pocket. When you have these rings on your fingers, you needn’t try hard to express your bling quotient. They just do it for you.

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