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Two Tone Jewellery

Two Tone Jewellery Designs: Blending the Beauty of Two into One

What used to be a fashion faux pas probably only a few years ago is now a raging trend in the world of jewellery. And it’s something that you just can’t do without! The inception of two-tone jewellery marked a new beginning of acceptance when it comes to combining and wearing metals of two different colours. We would like to introduce to you our exquisite two-tone jewellery — they are trendy and sauve at the same time. Our two tone jewellery designs take this genre of ornaments a step ahead with their fabulous finish and intricate details. They set a new example of excellent craftsmanship in the world of jewellery designing. Each of the pieces in our two-tone jewellery collection is handcrafted to perfection — while some feature a plain yet elegant design, there are others that come studded with the highest quality stones.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Artistic Charm and Multicolour Magic

Blending two colours together to create a two-tone effect is celebrated not only in jewellery but also in fashion, design, automobiles, furniture, and more. In the world of fine jewellery, the two-tone effect is achieved by combining two tones of a precious metal, more popularly gold. The most common combination used for the two tones is yellow and white, which plays with the sunny yellow colour of gold and the silvery white of rhodium-coated gold. On rare occasions, you will also find either yellow or white gold blended with the blushing pink of rose gold. When you buy two tone jewellery designs at BlueStone, you can choose from a variety of exquisite rings, earrings, and pendants, each with a more elegant design than the other!

Unlimited Possibilities in the World of Stunning Two-Tone Jewellery

Versatility is the other name of two-tone jewellery. There are unlimited ways in which two tones of the same metal, gold and polished gold, can be combined together. We take advantage of these unlimited possibilities to create designs that are nothing less than awe inspiring. Whether you want to complete your look for a cocktail party, a wedding, a romantic or a relaxed brunch, a “I-mean-business” look for office, or any other occasion, there’s hardly any jewellery that is more versatile than two-tone jewellery. It should be a staple in every woman’s jewellery trousseau.

The benefits of wearing two-tone jewellery are one too many. Not only does it draw the right amount of attention to your well-dressed demeanour, but it also highlights your fine taste in luxurious jewellery. In addition, it also highlights the detail and intricacies of the design, irrespective of the type of jewellery. Notice how the two tones distinguish the different parts of a two-tone ring or how they accent the soft curves of a two-tone earring. Admirable, isn’t it? Another benefit that will make you want to buy a piece or more of this versatile genre of jewellery is that they will never go out of style. They are here to stay as everyone, without exception, from celebrities to your next door neighbour, loves two-tone jewellery!

Buy Two Tone Jewellery Online at BlueStone

We specialise in creating and curating timeless pieces of jewellery that always make a statement. Our two-tone jewellery collection is an extension of our promise to bring you the best. You have the freedom to pair the pieces in this exclusive collection with traditional, western, classic, or contemporary attire. What’s more, you can go crazy with your imagination when it comes to pairing these beauties with your wardrobe. Take the Diora Earrings for instance. They are stunning 18kt gold earrings that feature an elegant design with a white rhodium-plated segment complimenting a curvy row of diamonds. You can pair these gorgeous earrings with a dress or denim or a salwar kameez, and the effect will be equally glamorous.

You can wear the Diora Earrings with the Diora Pendant, which can also be worn as a centrepiece jewellery as it has all it takes to stand out. The Ciara Ring for Her is an 18kt gold ring with symmetrical white segments complimenting the identical alternating yellow segments around each diamond studded on it. The Ciara Ring for Him is a masterpiece with a design that is similar yet distinct from the Ciara Ring for women. In our two-tone collection, we also have religious pendants, such as the Anmol Om Pendant made of 22kt gold, the Yagnakaya Pendant made of 22kt gold, the Avaneesh Pendant made of 18kt gold, and the Mangalmurti Pendant made of 18kt gold. The latter two also feature bright white diamonds that take their charm to the next level. You can buy any of the stunning pieces from our collection at an attractive two tone jewellery price. Browse our assortment now.

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