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Engagement Couple Band Jewellery Designs: An Ode to New Beginnings

If you have found your significant other and have decided to take your relationship to the next level, probably it’s time for the engagement ceremony celebrations to begin. You must be planning a lot of things and hoping that everything goes fine on the D-day. Proposing a new beginning to your life together is a thrilling event. Here enters the engagement ring, one of the most symbolic pieces of jewellery ever!

But wait!

Before you can say it with a ring, you need to select one – the right one. Does this seem to be a daunting task? It can turn out to be one, especially when you want to celebrate the match made in heaven in a unique way. Speaking of the match made in heaven, how about marking a beginning to your new life with matching rings – one for your and one for your spouse? Go for engagement couple bands, the latest trend ruling the jewellery collections worldwide. And we, at BlueStone, have crafted a stunning range of couple bands, just for you.

Why Choose Engagement Couple Bands?

For starters, they are one of the best ways to express your endless love to your betrothed. As the name suggests, couple bands are for couples who want to sport rings with matching designs. The male and female versions of such bands may differ in their weight and dimensions, though.

Take for instance, our Divine Union Ring for Her. Made of 18kt gold, it features three sparkling diamonds in the centre of the band. The two-tone finish adds more bling to this ring. The male version of this ring – the Divine Union Ring for Him – features the exact same design except that it is broader and wider. Their total weight and diamond carat weight also differ and that explains the change in the price.

Couple bands are one of the latest trends. So, if you want to keep up with what’s trending, they make a perfect pick. And we have everything to match your tastes and preferences. Are you looking for something classic? Or you prefer sporting something contemporary in style? Does the glitter of plain gold mesmerise you? Or do you love the twinkle of diamonds? It doesn’t matter, because our collection has a little something for everyone out there. Browse through this special collection created to light up the new phase in your life with a lot of bling, sparkle, and elegance.

How Did the Custom of Giving Engagement Rings Start?

When you buy engagement couple band jewellery designs, you are likely to do so out of sincere love for your beloved. But this wasn’t the case always. The ancient Egyptians are believed to be the inventers of the engagement ring. Later, the ancient Romans started the custom of giving engagement rings in place of bride money. This was more about ownership than about everlasting love. Interesting how customs change, right?

Did you know that during the second century BC, the Roman bride-to-be used to receive two engagement rings, one made of gold and another made of iron? The ring made of gold was to be worn in public and the one made of iron was meant to be worn at home. Diamond engagement rings appeared on the jewellery map much later, in the fifteenth century. By 1930, they became a popular symbol of commitment and love. Today, you may not need to buy two engagement rings for your beloved. But buying couple bands can go a long way in expressing your eternal love. 

Declare Your Love with Our Engagement Couple Band Jewellery Collection

It goes without saying that an engagement ring is a symbol of love and dedication. Our collection has designs that are as pure and as flawless as your love. Take a look at our Clasped Band for Her and you will know why we say so. Crafted in 18k gold, this golden band is highlighted with a single diamond that lends it a contemporary look. It, together with the Clasped Band for Him, makes an ideal choice for those who want something classic with diamonds.

This is one collection where you can pick designs created from both 18k and 22k gold. For instance, our classic bands like the Soulmate Ring for Him and its ‘her’ version are made from 22k gold. They don’t feature any diamonds or gemstones and the fuss-free design is elegance redefined!

You can’t go wrong with our diamond studded pieces either. And we have multistone stunners to spruce up your special day. With designs like our Ezio Ring for Him, you get a stunning combination of bling and sparkle. Made of 18kt gold, this piece features 28 sparkling diamond while its female version comes studded with 21 diamonds. Don’t you think they can add an extra dose of oomph and style to her finger?

Get Trendy with Engagement Couple Bands in White Gold

As a highly trendy engagement couple band jewellery online collection, we bring you designs in both yellow and white gold. Our white gold items are an epitome of everything contemporary and modern. Trendy, beautiful, and durable, white gold rings offer a tight competition to platinum bands.

Take, for instance, the Riam Ring for Her. This sleek ring crafted from 18k gold is set with 10 super-sparkling diamonds. The flawless cut and design speak volume about our craftsmanship. A ring that speaks splendour, you see!

Go for the Best and Buy Engagement Couple Band Jewellery Online

You don’t buy engagement ring every day. Naturally, you would want the best engagement couple band jewellery for yourself and your beloved. At BlueStone, we have rings that shine brighter than the stars. Our Antoine Ring for Her is a case in point. This 18k gold ring has a band of diamonds set against the metal base. Just what you need to mark your love on her finger!

Love single stone designs?

Why not check out our Aphaea Ring for Him? It is created with 18k gold and has a large diamond as its crowning glory. It’s ‘her’ version is just as beautiful. The Hera Ring is another design that spells class and beauty in abundance.

Dual-tone Couple Bands: Go for the Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes white is not enough and all yellow is too much to handle. In between them lies the dual-tone rings with their unique beauty. Our Dual Tone Sonata Ring spells contemporary style and class like nothing else. Created with 18k gold, the twin bands are set with a diamond each. This is a ring that balances bling with sophistication in the most amazing way.

Our Ciara Ring is another dual-tone item that highlights our creative designing skills. The three diamonds set in this 18k gold design adds to the beauty of this double-tone ring. In recent times, dual tone engagement rings like these are becoming a rage among many couples.

Whether you want style, oomph, or elegance, you can never go wrong with the designs from this collection. On top of that, our engagement couple band jewellery prices are also quite competitive. So, check out our new designs in engagement couple band jewellery and embark on a new life with not just a great partner but a stunning ring as well.

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