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Platinum Love Rings

Platinum Love Rings: Of Everlasting Love and Commitment

To paraphrase the lyrics of Beyonce’s famous song, if you like it, you should put a ring on it. And why not! There is no better way to express your love than with a finely crafted ring. These tiny trinkets have been around for centuries and yet, they continue to be the symbol of everything associated with love and commitment. This Valentine’s Day, are you looking for online Valentine gifts to plead your case? Choose a ring. To be more precise, choose a platinum ring. Here’s a special collection from BlueStone to make your special day even more special. Beautiful, unique, and classy, each piece in this collection is an epitome of everlasting commitment.

What Does A Ring Say?

A ring may be small but it says a lot. This piece of jewellery takes the form of a circle that has no beginning and no end. Hence, it symbolises a love that is eternal. Rings are symbolic of love, friendship, and faithfulness. When you gift a ring to your loved one, you are making a statement that you value your relationship and hold it dear. When you look for gift items online, you will come across many sparkling ornaments such as pendants, earrings, and necklaces. But nothing conveys love and commitment as strongly as a ring does.

Why Choose Platinum Love Rings?

The reasons are many. To begin with, platinum is one of the rarest and most valuable metals used for making jewellery. It is rarer than all other precious metals like gold and silver. In fact, a ring made of platinum is almost 30 times rarer than one made of gold. When you do your Valentine gift online shopping, you would want to buy something as valuable as your relationship, wouldn’t you? If yes, platinum is the metal you should be looking for!

That’s not all. It is also extremely strong and durable. Platinum jewellery stands the test of time and doesn’t fade or tarnish like other precious metals. Gifting your partner a platinum love ring symbolises the high value you give your relationship and its strength. Unlike gold, platinum does not have to be mixed with other metals to be made into jewellery. Thus, platinum love bands also stand for love that is pure.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Platinum Love Rings

These aren’t the only reasons why people look for platinum rings when they do online gift shopping. Apart from the symbolic references, platinum also has a unique aesthetic appeal. It has a white lustre that few other metals can match. Take, for instance, the Axelle Love Band for

Him. This is a plain platinum ring without any stone embellishments, yet its beauty knows no bounds. Our designers have created a matching ring for women too - Axelle Love Band for Her. Though similar in design, it comes studded with 19 sparkling diamonds. What better way to add lustre and sparkle to your love life! Browse our collection and you will come across many designs that will sweep you off your feet. After all, that’s exactly what you feel when you are in love too.

Diamond and Platinum: A Match Made for Each Other

One of the unique features of platinum is that it enhances the sparkle of diamonds quite naturally. The white radiance of this metal goes hand in hand with the white sparkle of a finely cut diamond. The Demy Love Band for Him and the Lave Love Band for Her are beautiful examples of this.

When you buy Valentine’ Day gifts online from BlueStone, you will come across single stone platinum rings like Candide Love Band for Her. It has a simple design with a beautiful round cut diamond right at its centre. Do you want to add more sparkle to your love life? Go for a multi-diamond piece like the Treasured Band for Her or Ally Band for Her. Rings like the Normandy Love Band for Her come with the jumbo sparkle of 15 diamonds. Choose your twinkle from this stunning collection and make this Valentine’s Day a special one!

Speak Your Mind with Our Platinum Love Bands

Rings symbolise commitment; there are no two ways about it. If you do want to pop the question, Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year to do so. Her acceptance would probably be the best valentine gift for you. The Avignon Love Band for Her could be the ideal piece of jewellery to mark this occasion. However, a ring doesn’t always have to be accompanied by a proposal. You could gift your partner a promise ring like the Spellbound Band for Her. This says that you are serious about your relationship but need more time before taking it to the next step. Promise rings like the Destine Band for Her are gifted with the understanding that it will one day be replaced by an engagement ring.

Miles Apart, But United by a Ring

It is every couple’s dream to spend Valentine’s Day together. However, this is not always possible due to many reasons. You may be in two different cities on this day, but it does not mean that you can’t send your loved one a gift. If you are thinking of sending valentine gifts online, take a look at our collection of platinum love rings. The Amour Love Band for Her is the perfect way to make her feel close to you even through the distance. Else, you could go for the Everafter Band for Her. In some cities, we also offer valentine gifts online delivery within 24 hours. So, even if you have started shopping late, your partner will still receive her gift in time.

Buy Valentine Gift for Men

Who says rings can be worn only by women! Rings are one of the most acceptable forms of jewellery for men as well. So ladies, how about taking the initiative and gifting your man a ring instead of waiting for him to gift you one? Platinum rings for men are available with and without diamonds. The Axelle Love Band for Him is one of our bestselling designs in the first category. If you are looking for diamond studded rings, take a look at the Candide Ring for Him and the Wanderlove Band for Him. Men’s rings are typically broader than women’s rings and may feature larger diamonds.

How to Buy Platinum Rings Online?

The first thing to consider when looking for a ring as a gift is the person’s personality. The ring should complement their natural style. Ideally, they should want to wear the ring not only because it is a gift from you but because they like it. It is equally important to buy a ring of the right size. If the ring is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and if it is too loose, it might fall off. Thus, whether you are gifting the Destine Band for Him or the Lave Love Band for Him, make sure you get the size right. So, now are you ready to pick the perfect ring?

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