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Women's Plain Gold/Platinum Chains

Women’s Plain Gold Chain Designs: Plain and Beautiful

Even the simplest of outfits can be turned into a showstopper with the right piece of jewellery; plain gold chains are one such trinket. For Indian women, gold has always been a favoured choice for jewellery and that’s the reason many women choose plain gold chains as their preferred neck adornment. Along with accentuating a woman’s beauty, according to some stories, wearing a chain or a necklace can also ward off evil and attract good luck. Gold chains can be short or long, thick or thin depending on your personal style preferences. Whether you are looking for a long chain or short chain, gold chain or white gold chain, we at BlueStone offer you the right pieces at the right prices.

The Significance of Plain Gold Jewellery in Indian Culture

From farmers to business tycoons, gold is the one commodity, every Indian invests in gold. In fact, most Indians still consider gold to be the safest form of investment. That’s perhaps why the good-old and simple chains made of plain gold retain their popularity among women even though the jewellery industry is abuzz with changing trends in necklaces. Likewise, no matter how many diamond and gemstone necklaces a woman has, a plain gold chain is a must in her jewellery collection.

While there is no wrong time to buy women's plain gold chain designs, shopping for gold on occasions like Dhanteras or Akshaya Tritiya is considered especially auspicious. This is because gold is one of the symbols associated with Goddess Lakshmi; the Goddess of wealth. Lastly, gold jewellery is the ultimate heirloom in India. Most women have at least one piece of jewellery handed down to them by their mothers or grandmothers.

Types of Gold Chains: Buy Women’s Plain Gold Chain Designs from BlueStone

Gold chains can be worn by men and women alike. However, chains for women and chains for men are different. Women's plain gold chain designs are typically slimmer and more delicate than chains for men. There are many styles of chain, from the simple and delicate trace style and rolo style to more complex rope style. All these styles have links which are joined in a sequence to form the chain. Wheat chain, one of the most popular chain designs, is comprised of links shaped like tear drops. Figaro, twisted link, belcher, cable, snake, Singapore, etc. are some of the other styles used in making chains.

The pieces in our women’s plain gold chains collection are designed using two popular styles – cable and belcher. The cable chain, as the name suggests, resembles the cable chain stitch used in hand embroidery. This style has each of its loops connected to the other by means of a small cable. The Gold Cable Chain in our collection is a perfect example of this style. Made of 22kt gold, this chain can be worn as a standalone trinket or together with pendants.

Another popular style you can choose when you buy women’s plain gold chains online is the belcher style. In this, round or oval links are joined in alternating sequence. That is, alternating links in this chain are turned at 180 degrees to form a simple interlocking pattern. The Gold Belcher Chain in our collection, made of 22kt gold, is a favourite choice of many of our customers.

Choose the Right Length for Your Gold Chain

When you buy women’s plain gold chains online, it is important to pick the right length. The right chain length frames your face beautifully and accentuates your outfit. Standard chain lengths available with us range from 16 to 24. This refers to the length of the chain in inches. A size 16 chain hangs loosely around your neck while a size 24 chain will lie just below the bust line. Size 18 is the most common size as a chain of this length sits delicately on your collarbones and a pendant hanging from this chain will lie on or just above the breastbone.

An important thing to do before buying a gold chain is to measure the circumference of your neck. The minimum chain size you should select must be at least 2 inches more than this length. Short women are more suited to short chains between 16-20 inches while taller women may opt for longer chains.

Gold Isn’t Always Yellow: Women’s Plain Gold Chain Designs in White Gold

Pure gold is so soft and malleable that it cannot hold its shape as a chain. Hence, gold must be alloyed with other metals to achieve the hardness it requires to be crafted into durable jewellery. The karat value of gold depends on the ratio or pure gold to other metals. The metal mixed into pure gold also determines the colour of gold. Did you know that apart from yellow, gold can also be white, rose, black and green? White gold as seen in the White Gold Cable Chain is created by mixing gold with nickel. White gold still has a slight yellow tinge and must be coated with a thin layer of rhodium. White gold chains go well with white gold pendants as well as rose gold pendants.

Buy Women's Plain Gold Chains Online

Shopping for gold chains doesn’t have to be an exercise of running in and out of stores. With BlueStone, you can shop for any kind of gold jewellery from the comfort of your home. Though they are crafted in 22kt, our gold chains can be customised and made in 18kt gold to reduce the women's plain gold chains price. With BlueStone, you also have the option of tying on a chain at home before you buy it. This way, you can pick the perfect chain and the perfect length for yourself. Once you’ve selected a chain, don’t forget to take a look at our pendant designs.

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