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Gold Butterfly Earrings

Gold Butterfly Earrings: Enchanting Pieces Depicting the Beauty of Butterflies

It’s not just children who like butterflies, finding thrill in chasing them or ogling at their beauty. Adults equally love these pretty critters with beautiful wings in a multitude of colours — yellow, black, orange, and more. Some have only one colour on their wings and some have a mix of colours like on the palette of a painter preparing to create a masterpiece with each brush stroke. Don’t they make you wonder how much beauty there is in the universe? Butterflies also bring a surge of nostalgia in grown-ups, reminding them of childhood memories. You can relive those memories every day with BlueStone’s gold butterfly earring designs that are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Stunning Winged Creatures and Symbols of Transformation

Butterflies are not just captivating winged critters, but they also hold a deep symbolism. They are representations of transformation, metamorphosis, and life in general. Butterflies weren’t born beautiful. They complete a difficult journey from being eggs to becoming caterpillars that grow and transform into creatures that enthrall us with their appearance. Many cultures around the world associate a butterfly with the human soul. In Christianity, it is a symbol of resurrection. It also represents change, endurance, and hope, qualities that help one become a better person.

For the Native Americans, these winged creatures represent change, joy, as well as colour. Other than the symbolism they hold, they also teach us the magic of change and growth. For new ideas to flourish and a new foundation to be laid, the old has to be shed. They also represent the power of air and the ability to flow with the breeze, which signifies our mind and its ability to change according to the situation. When butterflies dance around flowers, they remind us of a sense of joy and lightness. Do you want to feel like a butterfly? Wrap yourself in a blanket tightly for a few minutes and slowly unwrap it. Magical, isn’t it?

Make a Fashion Statement: Buy Gold Butterfly Earrings Online from Bluestone

Butterfly earrings are loved by women of all ages. Not only do they go well with any outfit in your wardrobe, but they also allow you to flaunt your quirky personality. Your love for butterfly earrings and your enthusiasm to wear them reveal the bubbly and fun side of your personality, too. You can customise your look by matching them with other stunning jewellery available at BlueStone. The possibilities of mixing and matching them with pieces from our wide collection of gold jewellery designs are limitless.

Exquisite Collection Handcrafted Just for You

From studs with gemstones in the shape of butterflies to drop earrings in a variety of designs, our collection is designed to impress even the pickiest of earring lovers. Our craftsmen diligently carve high purity gold to make different shapes and sizes of butterflies, some crafted only with gold and some made more exquisite with the precious stones studded on them. You will be spoilt for choice when you browse our collection to buy gold butterfly earring designs for yourself or for gifting them to your loved ones. We have a wide range of earrings for women and for kids.

Stud Butterfly Earrings that Exceed Your Expectations

Among the different designs of butterfly earrings in our collection, there are stud earrings that are great for everyday wear. The Regina Earrings will remind you to live your life to the fullest today and every day with their open winged butterfly design. They are crafted from 18kt gold, engraved with a beautiful design and studded with brilliant cut diamonds. Their double layer design makes them sophisticated while retaining their simplicity. The Caipiroska Earrings are an epitome of elegance with their precious gemstone-studded facade. They have an 18kt gold body studded with rubies, yellow sapphire, and diamonds.

Kids will love the studs we have designed especially for them. The Red Butterfly Earrings feature a red-coloured butterfly with a gold-tone border and a diamond-studded central section, all made of 18kt gold. Then there’s the Pretty Butterfly collection featuring an open winged butterfly made of 18kt gold and studded with three pink sapphire stones on each earring. Could there be anything more exquisite and grander than these stud butterfly earrings? Yes, our attractive gold butterfly earring prices!

Dangling Designs that Take Your Breath Away

Women who love earrings which are a little more elaborate than studs but not too heavy would rejoice at our collection of dangling butterfly earrings. Check out our Mallory Earrings, Shipra Earrings, Micah Earrings, and Laela Earrings. The only thing common between them is that they are crafted from 18kt gold and studded with diamonds. In design, each one of them is better than the other. Take a look at them and you’ll say that you couldn’t agree more!

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