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Citrine Pendants

Buy Citrine Pendant Designs: Keep your Sunny Side Up

From time immemorial, the Romans and Greeks believed that Citrine stones were the crystallized essence of the Sun’s dazzling rays. The French were much pragmatic in comparison and found these stones were in lemon yellow colour and named them citron, meaning lemon. Check out the warm and inviting hues of the citrine stones in our citrine pendant design range that shimmer brilliantly as the Sun’s rays and yet available at a price range that is at common man’s reach.

Buy citrine pendant designs online from our fusion collection where the sunshine yellow stones are set in designs that are enchanting. If you want to keep it simple, then go for the single stone Torille Pendant. For the fashion conscious fusion lovers, the Selgia Pendant is a fantastic design studded with diamonds and citrine.

Buy Religious Citrine Pendant Designs

According to yogic tradition, the awakening of the spiritual energy in the human body is a noteworthy task. This is attained through activating the energy points in our body. Solar Plexus also known as power chakra is an important energy point and activation of this point shall enhance personal power and mastery over self. Citrine stones have been associated with power chakra and wearing a citrine stone pendant shall enable the wearers to truly realise their potential. Wear the Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant and gain access to your personal power whenever you need. The Pitambara Pendant is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is another signature piece in the religious jewellery collection.

Citrine Pendants for the Boardroom Divas

Boring boardrooms get the citrine makeover now. Buy from the Boardroom Glam designs and you are all set to rise and shine. Wear the flower power in the Trifolia Pendant or choose the Ira Pendant that comes in a bold geometric pattern.

Aurora is the ancient Roman goddess of dawn. Buy citrine pendants online and wake up to the electrifying designs of the Aurora Collection. The Eterna Pendant has the brilliant yellow citrine stone that is elevated by diamonds in an intrinsic design. The exquisite Exquis Pendant has the shimmering yellow citrine stone set safely amongst oyster-like shell of diamonds. The Muirne Pendant is a spirited design with criss-crossing white and gold lines intersected by a diamond and a dangling citrine stone.

Buy Cocktail Citrine Pendant Designs and Party in Style

While we all know about the over-sized cocktail rings that are statement pieces to go with your party attire, why not try the Cocktail Night collection from the citrine pendant design range and make your own bold fashion statement. The party feel of the royal Royce Pendant is just epic! The Noilly Pendant is another enthralling design in this range that comes decked with over sixty five diamonds and a huge sunny citrine stone in the centre.

You don’t have to promise her the earth or moon when you give her some sunshine! Go for the heart-shaped Amarela Pendant with a citrine heart that shimmers and make the valentine season extra special.

Buff top cut in gemstones is a unique smooth cut that lets the stones to reflect light in interesting ways. The Love Struck Pendant has a citrine buff top cut heart in gold. Watch the interesting colours in her eyes as she looks at this pendant in pure awe and you can thank us later!

By now you know that you can buy citrine pendant designs online that are light on your pocket in a price range that is friendly and affordable. That’s not all – we have the light weight citrine pendants that are all set to adorn your little one’s neck in a floral pattern. Check out the Angelic Flower Pendant for Kids that is picture perfect for your princess. We have kept our citrine pendants prices affordable that you will feel blissful to have the sunshine in your pockets without burning a hole in it.

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