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Gold Alphabet Pendants: Add a Personal Touch to Your Collection

Everyone loves to own a piece of jewellery. The joy becomes multi-fold when you get to add a personalised item to your collection. What better way to add a bespoke piece to your collection than owning an alphabet pendant with your or your loved one’s initials etched on it? The designers at BlueStone brings to you artistically crafted gold alphabet pendant designs that are specially crafted to honour you and your loved ones.

Alphabet Pendants designs: The pendant of who is who 

No one knows who started the trend of wearing alphabet pendants or initial pendants. It is believed that people started the trend of engraving personalised messages, names or initials on the ornaments around the fourteenth or fifteenth century. The most famous alphabet pendant design in the history belonged to the court of King Henry VIII. The pendant was a priced possession of his second wife, Anne Boleyn who was the mother of Elizabeth I. Boleyn had many coveted pieces in her collection and the most famous among them was a pearl necklace with an initial pendant. In all her portraits she is seen wearing the necklace with an elegantly crafted pendant featuring initials ‘B’.

The popularity of pendants with alphabets never faded away. Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron and Halle Berry have spotted wearing pendants with alphabets. Theron’s wears the initial ‘J’ in honour of her son Jackson, while Berry wears the small letter ‘n’ for her daughter Nahla.

Buy gold alphabet pendant designs: the A to z of alphabet pendants

BlueStone, your favourite online jeweller brings to you a stunning collection of gold alphabet pendant designs. From the letter A to Z we have pendants etched with every English alphabet. All our alphabet pendants are made of gold and are studded with stunning diamonds. Our collection consists of pieces in simple designs and intricate lattice work.

Gold alphabet pendant designs: Beauty in simplicity

For those who seek beauty in simplicity, we have alphabet pendants designed in solid gold. The Liham series, made of solid gold is accented with multiple diamonds. These 18kt gold pendants are designed to enhance your elegance and style.

Gold alphabet pendant designs that feature intricate designs and single diamond epitomise class. Take a look at our Youthful Y Pendant, even if there is no Y in your name, you might just feel like adding it to your collection. The perfection with which it is designed will steal your heart for sure. T is indeed for terrific. Once you glance at our Terrific T Pendant; it is hard to look away from this single diamond studded artistic marvel. The Beautiful B Pendant with its stunning 3D effect will even make Batman abandon Gotham for it.

Though there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, our list of tastefully crafted gold alphabet pendant designs are growing. Our commitment to innovate and add trendy pieces to the range have earned us our customers’ loyalty. The elegant designs and exclusive deals on selected pieces make us your best bet when it comes to buying gold alphabet pendants online. The best part of the deal is that we have kept our gold alphabet pendants’ prices easy on the pocket.

Explore our range, get the best deals, and take home a gold alphabet pendant that features yours or your loved ones initial.

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