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Men’s Diamond Jewellery Designs: From Formal to Fun and Flamboyant

It is unfair to assume that jewellery can be worn only by women. From the very early days, men have flaunted just as much jewellery as women. Don’t believe us? Take a look at any photograph of the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala. The famous Patiala necklace with 2,930 diamonds was worn not by one of his brides but by the Maharaja himself. Today’s men might not wear elaborate pieces, but they have found their own ways of flaunting the sparkle of diamonds in the form of studs, rings, cufflinks, pendants, and the like. Such designs, however, might be scanty in the traditional collections of an offline jeweller. But why worry when BlueStone, the leading online jewellery in India, offers you just everything you want to make your style statement? Here is a snapshot of the men’s diamond jewellery designs we offer. 

Earrings: The Favourite amongst Men's Diamond Jewellery Designs

When it comes to jewellery, men and women share a love for diamond earrings. However, men’s diamond earrings are usually restricted to studs and small hoops. Historically, it was customary for men from many caste groups in India to wear a stud on one ear. Even in the West, men wore earrings as an indicator of wealth and social status. Today, the trend has made a comeback, not for cultural or religious reasons, but purely as a fashion statement among urban Indian men. With the diamond studs in BlueStone’ men’s diamond jewellery collection, you can now up your bling quotient in a unique manner.

Studs like the Blanc Earring for Him or the Cachet Earring for Him are ideal for formal or informal occasions. On the other hand, the Deonte Stud for Him and the Autre Earring for Him can make quite a bold style statement. The Etinceler Earring for Him is our favourite when it comes to hoops. Unlike women’s earrings, men’s earrings may not necessarily be sold in pairs since many men choose to wear only one earring.

Diamond Rings: Not Just for Women

The popularity of diamond rings may be largely attributed to the engagement rings worn by female celebrities but men love their sparkle just as much. The most popular ring design among men is the age-old, classic band which typically comes without any stone embellishments. But its diamond-studded versions such as the Vivan Ring or the Rahel Love Ring are currently trending among men.

Men's diamond jewellery designs can also take the form of religious rings such as the Divine Trishool Ring or the Mool Mantra Ring. Men’s diamond rings can be made in gold, white gold or platinum. Crowd favourites for men’s white gold rings include the Riam Ring and the Masterstroke Ring while the Spellbound Band and the Destine Band are popular amongst platinum ring designs.

Pendants: Graceful Men's Diamond Jewellery Designs

Pendants say a lot about a man’s personal style and personality. For example, a man who flaunts the Avighna Pendant or the Promoda Pendant most likely believes in Hinduism while a man wearing the Holy Cross Pendant is more likely to be a believer of Christianity. The Warrior Pendant for the believers of Sikhism and the Murabbi Pendant for the followers of Islam are amongst among popular picks in our men’s diamond pendants collection. 

Believe it or not, football or cricket is the religion for some men. Do you belong to that category? Worry not; we have got just the right designs of sports jewellery for you. When you play on the ground with your friends or cheer your favourite IPL team sitting in the gallery, the Direct Hit Pendant is clearly a knockout piece to adorn your neck. The Muller Pendant speaks of your love for football while the Powerplay Pendant is meant for an ardent cricket fan.

Men may also choose to profess their love for their partner through the Mikayla Pendant or the Gina Forever Yours Pendant. When you buy men's diamond jewellery online, the size and clarity of the diamonds in these pendants play a large role in determining men's diamond jewellery price. This should explain why the Daring Hero Pendant and the Royal and Resolute Pendant do not have a very big price difference even though there is a marked difference in the number of diamonds in each pendant.

Bracelets: When You Want to Wear More Than Just a Watch

When it comes to men and bracelets, the first image that comes to your mind might be Salman Khan’s famous turquoise bracelet. However, not all men would look for something this chunky when they buy men's diamond jewellery designs. Our bracelets such as the Sailor Bracelet and the Fame Bracelet are ideal for men who want to make a subtle style statement. If you’re looking for something even more delicate with religious connotations, you could pick up the Adah Cross Bracelet.

Cufflinks for the Elegant Gentleman

Nothing looks more graceful on a man than a well-designed suit and the perfect accessory for a formal suit is a pair of cufflinks. Designs like the Danny Cufflinks or the Calvin Cufflinks speak of a suave personality while the Elroy Cufflinks or the Dunstan Cufflinks speak of a more flamboyant personality. Whatever be the statement you want to make about your personality, we have the right pair of cufflinks for you.

Menfolk out there, if you are looking to buy men’s diamond jewellery designs that are simple yet elegant, minimalist yet trendy, BlueStone is the place for you. Explore our collection and find your twinkle from the treasure chest we offer exclusively for you.

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