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Women's Gold Wedding Rings

Seal Your Relationship with Women’s Gold Wedding Rings

At its simplest form, a wedding ring is a circle that stands for ‘forever’. Wedding rings have a symbolic, ritualistic and aesthetic place in any marriage ceremony. They stand for love, devotion, wholeness and often agreement between the families of the bride and the groom. In many cultures the wedding ring is the last gift given by the couple to each other before the marriage ceremony is solemnised.

Of the different kinds of wedding rings available to the modern woman, gold wedding rings have been the most popular rings in the category. Typically worn at the base of the left or right ring finger, they proclaim to the world that the woman wearing them is married.

Wedding Rings through the Centuries

The oldest recorded history of wedding rings being exchanged and worn by couples date back to Egypt in the 4000 BC. These were braided rings made of hemp or reed. Remember Simran in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege telling Raj that there is a vein that connects the left ring finger straight to the heart? This belief was shared by ancient Egyptians also. Whatever the truth value of the statement, an exquisite gold ring adorning the hands of the blushing bride is the norm and tradition.

In certain cultures, the wedding ring is a plain band, whereas other cultures prefer a precious, bejewelled ring like the ones offered by BlueStone. The wedding rings could be made of plain gold, rose or white gold, platinum, palladium and in keeping with the latest style – silicone.

There was a time when the bride’s and the groom’s family would set out a date to do ring shopping for the couple in a trusted jewellery shop. These days the same can be done from the comfort of the home or office and one can buy women’s gold wedding rings online. BlueStone offers a range of styles and sizes in women’s gold wedding rings for those who prefer the yellow sparkle of tradition with a touch of creativity.

Getting Creative with Gold Wedding Rings

BlueStone offers not just the plain gold wedding ring but has a range of stone set gold women’s wedding ring designs in its catalogue. These tread the fine line between traditionally set stones to innovative designs for the fashionista.

The women’s gold wedding ring designs include the simple Promise of Love Ring that is a preset solitaire in 18kt gold to the intricately crafted Circular Grace Ring that has a solitaire gracing the middle setting surrounded by tiny twinkling diamonds around it in an 18kt gold nest.

You can also opt for the traditional flower setting in the Fortuna Ring or choose the exciting Tranquil Hibiscus ring which depicts a flower in a modern stone setting. For those who prefer a little colour in their gold wedding ring design, we have the Rohal Ring which has a precious emerald in the centre setting. The Kalakriti Ring is another piece that adds the green of nature in the form of an emerald to the beauty of the tiny diamonds that surround it in the stone setting.

Wedding Rings Specifically for You

If you are not sure about having a big stone changing the contours of your wedding ring, but loves precious stones, the Antoine Ring for Her, allows you to keep to the basic circular shape of the wedding ring with embedded diamonds to add oomph to the design. BlueStone offers you the option of customising the designs on offer. Therefore buy women’s gold wedding rings online from Bluestone to personalise your ring.

Our women’s gold wedding rings prices change depending on the stone, the size and the setting. You can buy a gold women’s wedding ring design for as less than INR 20000 at BlueStone. Get moving and buy a ring of ‘forever’ from us which declares your love for your spouse, and keeps you smiling.

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