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Gold Wedding Ring Designs: Give Your Conjugal Life a Golden Beginning

Over the years, traditional Indian wedding has seen the emergence of many new trends and customs and a fine example of this can be found in the practice of exchanging wedding rings. In many western cultures, couples exchanged rings during the wedding ceremony to declare the ultimate love and commitment they have for each other. The East, especially India, had its own cultural counterparts, such as the thali or the mangalsutra. However, the custom of gold wedding rings is becoming increasingly popular among modern Indian couples, regardless of what region or religion they belong to. The gold wedding ring designs available today testify to the popularity of this new-found custom.

Gold wedding ring designs: For a shiny and lasting relationship

Those familiar with the basics of chemistry would know that gold belongs to the category of ‘Noble Metal’ – a group of metals characterised by their perpetuity and resistance to corrosion. In is no surprise that the jewellery industry makes extensive use of gold wedding ring designs to symbolise steadfastness and faithfulness of marriage bond. History has it that the men of the Roman Empire gave golden wedding rings to their brides, but that was a luxury only the rich could afford. With the discovery of large reserves of gold and successful mining operations, gold became more affordable to the common folk, which contributed to the prevalence of wedding bands made of pure gold. Today, gold wedding ring designs are the first preference of most people, closely followed by designs in platinum rings and white gold rings.

Explore your options and buy gold wedding rings online

From the age-old plain bands to rings studded with precious stones, many online jewellery stores have an exquisite display of wedding rings in gold. BlueStone boasts of its uniquely and carefully handcrafted collection of wedding ring designs for both men and women. When you buy gold wedding rings online at BlueStone, you get to choose from a wide range of pieces in 18kt and 22 kt gold. For couples who want to go the classic way, we have plain wedding bands like the Soulmate Ring for Him and the Soulmate Ring for Her. You and your spouse can declare to the world that you are made for each other with our beautifully designed couple bands like Antoine Ring for Him and the Antoine Ring for Her.

Buy gold wedding ring designs with diamonds

In jewellery designs, nothing can beat the combination of gold and diamond. Gold wedding ring designs mounted with tiny diamonds are a sight to behold and a joy to wear. Though bridal bands that featured rose cut diamonds were used in the Georgian Era, gold wedding rings with diamonds became a widespread fashion across the globe in the twentieth century. When you buy gold wedding rings online at BlueStone, you can take a pick from a vast range of diamond-studded jewellery. Those who want to keep it simple can go for a ring with a solitaire mounted at its centre. Quite true to their name, our single diamond pieces like the Delightful Inspiration Ring and the Brilliantly Crafted Ring are delightfully sleek and brilliantly stylish. Multi-gemstone rings are equally fashionable and so are gold bands with precious stones like ruby, emerald, pearl, blue topaz, etc. The gold wedding rings’ prices depend on the caratage and the type and number of stones used on them.

Simply heroic: Buy gold wedding ring designs for men

Women wore wedding bands ever since their inception, but men’s wedding rings are a relatively new phenomenon. The custom was popularised in the US during the period of the Second World War when soldiers who were deployed in far regions started wearing rings to carry their conjugal love with them. Even in India, it has become almost customary for men to wear wedding bands and that’s why BlueStone has a collection for the menfolk. The Daring Hero Ring, the Heroic Soldier Ring, and the Robust Noble Ring are pretty simple in design but radiated a charm that totally fits men.

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