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They say marriages are made in heaven. True that might be, but the wedding ring a man puts on his wife’s finger is made right here on our little earth. Take a moment and glance through some of the women’s wedding ring designs available today and you will, for a moment, doubt whether these were actually made in heaven. Such is their magnificence! Such is their splendour! From the classic band rings to stylish floral patterns, single solitaire bands to multi-stone designs, the wedding ring collections for women abound in beauty, variety, and lustre.

“With This Ring, I Wed Thee”: The History of Women’s Wedding Ring Designs

Though both men and women wear rings as a symbol of marital status, women’s wedding rings have a richer history to boast of than men’s. Ancient Egyptian women were probably the first to wear rings as a symbol of love and marital bond. But women’s wedding rings were not always a symbol of love; in ancient Rome, men gave rings to their wives as a symbol of ownership. In certain ancient cultures, women wore such rings as a sign of dowry and fidelity. Wedding traditions changed over centuries; so did women’s wedding ring designs. The gimmel ring of the sixteenth century featured two intertwined bands while the poesy ring of the Renaissance period had a poem inscribed on it. For love or for fidelity, women in many western cultures wore wedding rings all through the history.

In India, women wearing finger rings as a marker of marital status is somewhat a new phenomenon. We indeed have epic dramas like the Shakuntalam where rings appear as a token of love between wedded couples, but the ring Dushyanta gave Shakuntala was his signet ring, not a typical wedding ring.  Though Indian women traditionally wore other visual markers such as toe rings or the mangalsutra, the custom of wearing wedding rings is becoming increasingly popular among modern women.

Buy Women’s Wedding Ring Designs Online

Finding the perfect ring for the perfect match made in heaven is no simple task. No wonder, people spend a lot of time searching for wedding rings. Luckily, you can save both time and money when you buy women’s wedding rings online. At BlueStone, the most reputed online jewellery store in India, we offer you a luxurious range of rings with which men can declare “I wed thee” to the love of their lives. Here is an overview of the women’s wedding ring collection we crafted for you.

Say It with A Solitaire: The Best of Women’s Wedding Ring Designs

The wedding ring is not just a piece of ornament; it is a symbol of love, a marker of marital status, and a sign of everlasting commitment. What can better represent such a unique bond than a uniquely crafted solitaire ring? BlueStone’s solitaire wedding rings are made of 18kt yellow and white gold. The Subtle Heaven Ring and the Lucky Delight Ring are some of the popular pieces in white gold with a single diamond mounted in the centre. The Enchanting Ring and the Forever Love Ring are just that – enchanting pieces of everlasting love made in gold. For those who want to declare their love with a little sparkle, we have rings with a large central solitaire accented by tiny diamonds such as the Sparkling Love Ring and the Lovely Ring. These women’s wedding ring design’s prices vary based on the metal and the number of diamonds used.

Make Your Moments Precious with Precious Stones

Though diamond rings or solitaire rings are the most coveted items in any wedding collection, designs with precious stones are equally popular among modern couples. You can add a dash of colour to your wedding ring by choosing a ring studded with ruby or emerald. BlueStone has the Stanley Charisma Ring (ruby and diamond) and the Kalakriti Ring (emerald and diamond) handcrafted for the lovers of precious stones. Nothing can beat the beauty of a wedding ring that has a pearl mounted on it and that’s why we offer you the Princess Sparkle Ring and the Secret Garden Ring, both featuring an off-white pearl accented with tiny diamonds. The Antoine Ring for Her and the Soulmate Ring for Her are part of our couple bands collection and you can find their groom counterparts in the men’s collection.

Let Your Love Bloom with Floral Wedding Ring Designs

Flowers and wedding go hand in hand. From garlands and decorations to the petals strewn on the aisle, if there is a wedding, there are flowers. A wedding ring designed in the floral theme is just perfect for the beautiful fingers of the bride. When you buy women’s wedding rings online from BlueStone, you can choose from our aesthetically designed floral patterns. The Tranquil Hibiscus Rings made of 18kt gold is designed in the shape of hibiscus petals and studded with diamonds. You can also choose the Fortuna Ring or the Aether Ring, both featuring multiple diamonds set in the shape of a flower. Begin your life together with our floral ring and let you love bloom like a flower!


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