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Diamond Wedding Rings: Sparkling Rings for Sparkling Couples

Another friend is getting married! Photos of their romantic proposal and later on, their beautiful wedding keep popping up on your newsfeed. While you join in with your comments about how happy they look and how beautiful the bride is, the jewel-hunter inside you is searching for the most important thing in the picture– the diamond wedding ring! What colour is it? How many carats? Is it a solitaire or a cluster? The possibilities that surround this sparkling gem are endless.

These dazzling rocks first became popular amongst young couples when De Beers launched their Diamonds are Forever campaign. Since then, these stones have inextricably been linked to long-lasting relationships and marital bonding. The inimitable beauty and unparalleled fire and brilliance of the diamond have helped seal its title as the Ultimate Wedding Gem. Every couple picks one that suits their own unique tastes and sensibilities. BlueStone understands that today’s need, when it comes to wedding rings, goes beyond the classic cuts and conventional designs. This collection of diamond wedding ring designs is an amalgamation of the old, the new, and the quirky and we have a little sparkle for everyone.

Solitaires to Rule Them All: Choose and Buy Diamond Wedding Ring Designs Online

Let’s admit it. Irrespective of the plethora of options available today, solitaire wedding rings haven’t lost their popularity among diamond lovers. Even though expensive compared to their halo and cluster counterparts, solitaire rings have their overwhelming dominance in the wedding jewellery industry. Here, at BlueStone, we offer couples an exquisite array of solitaire rings in yellow and white gold.

The Circular Grace Ring has a preset solitaire in gold with smaller diamonds forming an additional halo around the centre. This stunning display of diamonds elevates the conventional design to uber gorgeous.

While gold has traditionally been more popular in India, its radiant alloys such as white and rose gold are slowly becoming more favoured. Take a look at the Subtly Charming Ring with a classic solitaire setting. A single, large rock sits in the centre and smaller diamonds decorate the shoulders of this white gold band. The Lovely Ring also has a circular design with a large stone at its heart and outlined by a ring of diamonds. More contemporary designs in this collection include the Wonderful Beauty Ring with a large, square-cut preset solitaire and the Sublime Ring with its split shank pattern.

Diamond Cluster Ring Designs: The Trend on the Rise

Driven by celebrities and fashionistas, cluster ring designs are creating a wave in the jewellery industry. Unlike a solitaire ring which features a super expensive solitaire with or without smaller accent diamonds, the cluster setting uses several smaller and equally sized diamonds. These sparkling stones are skilfully and tightly set such that they create the illusion of a larger diamond. Even though they were first introduced as a cost-effective alternative to solitaires, cluster wedding rings have carved a niche for themselves with the mega sparkle they lend to the wearer.

The Mombasa Ring and the Baileys Ring are fine examples of diamond cluster wedding rings. Made of 18kt white gold, they both feature clusters of diamonds that shine brightly to create a jumbo sparkle. The Yana Ring and Dali Ring are other designs you could consider in this collection. If you fancy yellow glitter over white radiance, go for the Schnapps Ring made of 18kt gold.

Love flowers? The Fortune Ring and the Caribou Ring, both made of 18kt gold, replicate the grace of flowers with detailed craftsmanship and perfectly bloomed petals. For the lovers of white gold, we have eye catchy designs like the Angostura Ring and the Cordial Ring. No wedding is complete without flowers and these floral designs mark the beginning of your relationship that will bloom like a never-fading flower through all seasons.

Need Your Bands to Match? – Buy wedding rings online

Ever wonder why we have a finger dedicated for rings? Well, the Romans believed that we have a vein that connects the wedding finger directly to the heart - the ‘Vein of Love’. This is why in their weddings, the groom always placed the ring on this finger and it has become a practice that we follow to date.

Couples who want to go the classic way can opt for wedding bands. The Euphoria Band and the Francesco Band made of 18kt white gold are simple and elegant designs for men. For a bolder expression of love, choose between the Masterstroke Ring made of white gold or the Enchanted Twist Ring made of gold.

Designers at BlueStone have also created couple rings so that you and your partner can wear matching symbols of your commitment. The Antoine Ring for Her and the Antoine Ring for Him put together the opulence of gold and white diamonds arranged in a single row to create a graceful, understated pair. The Devine Union Ring and its female counterpart is another pair you could consider.

While it was customary for the man to propose, today, women are equally empowered to pop the question. Though Beyonce’s hit song ‘Singe Ladies’ urged men to ‘put a ring on it’, we say women can take the plunge. When the time is right, pieces like the Grand Master Ring and the Firm and Swanky Ring give you nothing but the best to choose from for your man. And thanks to BlueStone’s affordable diamond wedding rings price, you no longer have to spend two months’ salary to get the best!

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