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Emerald Jewellery Designs: The Wonders Crafted in Green

What is the most valuable and expensive gemstone in the world? If you think the diamond is always the answer, then think again. In its finest form, there is another gemstone that can be more precious and expensive than a diamond of the same size.

This gemstone claims a history of over six thousand years. It enjoyed a special place in the jewellery boxes of many royal men and women. It was the most favourite gem of Cleopatra; Aristotle didn’t have enough words to describe its magnificence; ancient Indians believed this stone will bring good luck to the wearer; some of the biggest and boldest jewellery in the world have this stone etched on it. Yes, we are talking about emeralds - the lush green gem that fascinated both and women from time immemorial.

The Royal Tale of Emerald Jewellery Designs

One can write volumes about emeralds and we don’t intend to overwhelm you with its rich and long history. That having said, how can we not mention some of the interesting facts about it? The word emerald means green gem, and rightly so, because the signature characteristic of this stone is its rich green colour. Ancient Egypt had one of the earliest known emerald mines. When it comes to their love for this precious stone, the Romans were second to none. If legends have to be believed, Emperor Nero used to watch the fight of gladiators through an emerald.

In ancient India, emeralds went by the name marataka and the rulers of India were great fans of this stone. Do you know that some of the most expensive emeralds in the world are from India? The Mughal Emerald dating back to the reign of Aurangzeb, the Seringapatam Jewels associated with the Battle of Seringapatam, and the Chalk Emerald which once belonged to a Maharani of Baroda are all associated with India even though they were originally mined from Colombia.

Wear One or Wear All: Buy Emerald Jewellery Online from BlueStone

You don’t have to have blue blood running through your veins to own fine emerald jewellery designs nowadays. At BlueStone, you can find mesmerising pieces and buy them at highly competitive emerald jewellery prices

For those who love to bask themselves in the opulent green beauty of emeralds, we offer specially designed emerald jewellery pieces that you can buy as individual pieces or a set. Take, for instance, our Aashika pendant, ring, stud earrings. These gold pieces are designed in the timeless floral pattern and a must-have item in every jewellery lover’s collection. Our Detachable Kalakriti jewellery – a pendant and a pair of earrings - is for those who love emeralds but have an equally strong penchant for rubies or diamonds.

For those who love the sophistication and contemporariness of white gold, we have the Piscola Earrings and the Piscola Pendant. Even though you can buy these as individual pieces, you will have a hard time deciding which one to buy. When in doubt, buy them all.

An Evergreen Piece of Jewellery for an Evergreen Bonding

Gorgeous green stones have a timeless appeal and that makes emerald jewellery designs the hottest wedding and engagement trend this season. Glance through our jhumka earrings collection that includes the Fatima Detachable Jhumka and the Regal Mayura Jhumka. Made of 18kt gold and studded with emeralds, diamonds, and pearls, these are the perfect picks to glam up a bride.

The Kanara Bangle and the Adrika Bangle are the best way to look your best when you tie the knot. The ever-popular combination of emerald and rubies gives you a regal charm and that’s why we offer you the Antara Bangle and the Urvi Bangle.

Green continues to be the hottest colour for making betrothals, thanks to Hollywood. Remember the stunning green engagement ring of Halle Berry and the halo of emeralds that adorns the fingers of Olivia Wilde? If you are rooting for emeralds on your engagement, we have got you covered with our stunningly designed emerald engagement rings that include the Atlantis Ring and the Lada Ring.

Green for Today, Green for Every Day

Who said you should keep emeralds safely guarded in your lockers and take them out only for royal galas? With our everyday and officewear jewellery collections, you can make every day a celebration of green.

Fancy the glitter of gold, the sparkle of diamonds, and the magnificence of emerald, all in one piece? Don’t think twice! Just pick our Rhea Pendant and complete your look with the Rhea Earrings. The Rohal Pendant, another breathtakingly beautiful item in our collection, is ideal for everyday use and as officewear jewellery.

The Flaura Trinity Ring and the Mystic Shimmer Bracelet made of 18kt gold will give your everyday collection a definite wow factor. For women who want to carry the shimmer of emeralds on their nose, we have a great collection of emerald nose pins including the Juniper Nose Pin and the Oleander Nose Pin.

Fabulous Emerald Jewellery Designs for the Fashionistas

Those who think green is not ideal for making fashion statements haven’t seen our emerald fashion jewellery collection yet! Emerald jewellery has risen in profile as a fashion statement nowadays. Take a look at our Mahika Ring and the Vanya Stud Earrings and you will want them in your collection right away.

The Jaicee Necklace and the Janai Drop Earrings will fetch you heaps and heaps of compliments and admirers, no doubt. When you wear our Elyta Ring or Luell Ring, the world becomes the runway on which you can catwalk like a supermodel.

Nature adorns itself in green. What better way of being a part of it than with the lush green emerald jewellery? Don’t hesitate. Buy emerald jewellery designs from BlueStone right away and wear them across spring and summer and into fall and winter.

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