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Emerald Earring Designs: As Green as It Gets

When it comes to jewellery, a woman can do without bangles and necklaces but never without a pair of earrings. And, of all her earrings, pieces that are studded with gemstones are her favourites. If you think diamonds are the most precious gemstone in the family of gems, history has a different view to offer you. Diamonds, without any doubt, are widely popular. However, when it comes to worth and price, there is another gemstone that is costlier and more precious than a diamond of the same size. Yes, emeralds. That’s why a pair of emerald earrings is always considered an exquisite affair. We at BlueStone believe nothing should stop a jewellery enthusiast from owning these lush green beauties. That’s why offer you an eclectic range of finely crafted and highly affordable emerald earring designs. If you have a thing for this royal jewel, here is a collection to explore.

Emeralds: A Royal Jewel

One can write volumes about the impressive history of this green gem. In ancient Egypt, when people were buried as mummies, they were often buried with an emerald around their necks with the hope of eternal youth in the afterlife. Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen is believed to have been fanatical about emeralds and has an emerald as well as an emerald mine named after her. However she is not the only queen to have favoured this green gem for her royal jewels; kings and queens around the world have emeralds in their tiaras, necklaces, and of course, earrings.

In more recent times, one of the Queens of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie captured the world’s attention with a pair of drop earrings she wore to the 2009 Oscars. And how can any jewellery lover forget the iconic emerald set of Elizabeth Taylor which included a striking pair of drop earrings? Remember, when you buy emerald earring designs from us, you are being part of this royal tradition and bringing home an exquisite jewel that kings and queens of the bygone eras didn’t mind spending their fortune on.

Celebrate the Spring with Floral Emerald Earring Designs

The colour green has always been associated with spring and thus, emeralds too symbolise this time of the year. And what is spring without flowers? Taking inspiration from these blooms, our designers have created earrings in the timeless floral theme. The Lada Earrings, the Arnit Stud Earrings, and the Esteri Wire Earrings celebrate the eternal charm of flowers set on gold. Rose gold lovers are likely to swoon over the Gulnaz Drop Earrings and the Rosie Stud Earrings. Fancy sporting the tropical charm of bamboo shoots? Choose from our nature-inspired collection of earrings that include the Prakrit Stud Earrings, the Varnika Stud Earrings, and the Kasumi Drop Earrings.

Traditional or Modern: What do Your Earrings Say?

Like fashionable clothes, earrings too can be categorised as traditional designs and modern designs. While technically, a pair of emerald earrings can be paired with any outfit, when you wear a lehenga or a silk saree for a wedding reception, the Trisha Jhumkas may be a better fit than the Nurla Earrings. Similarly, if you’re dressed to kill in a little black dress, the Aaral Earrings or the Triparna Drop Earrings would do more justice to your outfit than the Himanshi Jhumkas. On the other hand, emerald earring designs like the Epitome Luxuriate Earrings and the Varsha Boond Earrings will complement any outfit. For those who want to add the traditional charm of coin jewellery to their collection, we have an exquisite Coinage Collection that includes the Shashvati Earrings and the Vasavi Earrings.

Buy Emerald Earring Designs for Every Occasion

Emeralds pair well with most colours but look absolutely stunning when paired with a black outfit. Want to look nice for a presentation in the office? Put on a pair of studs like the Rohal Earrings that look stylish without distracting too much attention from your work. On the other hand, when you want to make your kitty party friends feel jealous, put on a pair of danglers like the Carolan Drop Earrings or the Lizandra Drop Earrings. Earring designs like the Detachable Kalakriti Earrings are ideal when you have to rush straight out of a formal meeting to a cocktail party. Formal parties and wedding demand something a little more ostentatious and statement worthy- something like the Rim Jhim Earrings or the Blenheim Earrings. So, no matter what the occasion might be, there’s always a pair of emerald earrings that’s just right.

Emerald Earring Designs: Versatility at Its Best

Ever wondered what makes emeralds the delight of wearers and designers alike? The answer is simple. They always look gorgeous. An only-emerald piece like the Kayela Drop Earrings is not any less gorgeous than the diamond and emerald studded Xenia Earrings. When you add rubies to the mix, you get absolutely stunning pieces like the Mystic Floriated Earrings.

What’s more? The combination of emeralds and gold as in the Blooming Circle Earrings is an eternal classic. When you set them against the radiant backdrop of white gold, you get showstoppers like the Neelanchal Sundari Earrings. When you fancy something unconventional and whimsical, nothing beats the charm of rose gold. The Claret Stud Earrings and the Primrose Front Back Earrings are the popular picks from our rose gold collection.

There isn’t a woman in the world who would say that she has enough earrings. So, given our affordable emerald earrings prices, you can buy them as a gift for your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for your sister, an anniversary present for your wife or a graduation present for your daughter, when you buy emerald earrings online, you can’t go wrong.

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