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Emerald Jewellery Designs: Let Bespoke Ornaments Reflect Your Personality

Making a statement doesn’t need much effort when you wear emerald jewellery. There’s an incomparable magic in that deep green colour that derives its name from the name of the gem itself. As green as emerald is not a coincidental simile but one that is loved by popular poets of all times, such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who used it in his poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” This depth of emerald’s green has also attracted many a jewellery maker to the precious gemstone. Emeralds add a touch of incomparable allure to jewellery, which you can experience for yourself with BlueStone’s stunning emerald jewellery collection.

A Stone That Facinated Many Cultures: Legend of the Green Gem

If the lush green colours of emerald soothe your soul, you’re not alone in the emerald lover’s bandwagon. This gemstone has intrigued and excited people from cultures from around the world since antiquity. According to legends of many cultures, it is believed people could foresee future by placing an emerald under their tongue. It is also believed that the gemstone provided its bearer the ability to reveal the truth and protection against evil spirits and spells. Emerald was also believed to have the power to cure diseases such as malaria and cholera. To become an eloquent speaker, all one had to do was wear an emerald, as suggested by the lore around the gemstone.

Although almost all cultures of the world thought emerald to have special powers, each of them considered it to be powerful in different ways. While the Islamic faith believed an emerald amulet to be engraved with verses from the holy book of Quran, the ancient Egyptians associated it with rebirth and fertility. The Chinese believed wearing emeralds and green on Thursday brings good luck. The stone was also much admired by the Mahabharata. The legends and lore of Cleopatra’s favourite gem only instil admiration and wide-eyed wonder in us mortals for this stunner of a stone.

Cynosure of All Eyes: Best Emerald Jewellery Designed Especially for You

The fine and trendy emerald jewellery designs that you’ll find at BlueStone are all handmade by the best craftsmen whose nimble hands weave magic while setting each and every stone to metal. Each of the pieces in our handpicked selection of emerald jewellery is better and more beautiful than the other. It’s going to take some heart to choose one above the other! When you buy emerald jewellery designs at BlueStone, you get the guarantee of quality that you can trust. We use the highest quality gold to carve out unique shapes and designs that suit your style, taste, and personality. You’ll find pieces with different purity of gold and different colours of gold, yellow, white, and rose. We are going all out to spoil you for choice with our emerald jewellery collection.

Choose from Best Emerald Jewellery: Indulge Your Love of Gold

There’s something about gold jewellery that makes it have many takers. Women, and often men, from all walks of life love adorning a fine piece or two. Add an emerald to a golden piece of metal, and you have pure indulgence in the form of exquisite gemstone-studded gold jewellery. You can indulge your love for these man-made wonders when you buy emerald jewellery online at BlueStone. Our extensive collection will not only leave you awestruck but also make you fall absolutely in love for gold jewellery all over again. From glittering emerald-studded earrings and rings to delicate yet sophisticated bracelets and pendants, we have it all and more.

Inspired by the art of designing flawless jewellery, our collection of emerald-studded beauties is a favourite amongst those who love the finer things in life. If you’re looking for emerald earrings, you’re in luck as we have many options for you, including studs, drops, hoops, jhumkis, jhumkas, and more. The Lada Earrings are pretty studs made of 18kt gold and studded with multiple emeralds around a central ruby. The Regal Mayura Jhumka is a pair of 18kt gold brilliance encrusted with white diamonds, white pearls, and an emerald that creates a beautiful contrast. Men, don’t despair, we have much to offer you too. The Alicio Stud for Him is crafted in 18kt gold and studded with a fine emerald.

Trendy Emerald Jewellery for Your Fingers and Necks

The emerald jewellery collection at BlueStone doesn’t end with earrings. We offer you the best emerald jewellery pieces in rings, necklaces, and more. The Rohal Ring is designed to make you feel nothing less than a queen. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a rectangular emerald and white diamonds. Another ring that is worthy of royalty is the Elyta Ring for women. It is made of 18kt gold and exudes the aura that you would expect from a ring studded with emeralds, diamonds, and a pearl. The Gratitude Ring makes for a great gift for men as it is simple and sophisticated at the same time. It is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a deep green emerald on top.

Do you want a necklace to complete your look? The Raisa Necklace is what you’ve been looking for. It is a petite and pretty piece made of 18kt rose gold and studded with emeralds to resemble evergreen leaves and diamonds on the branches running down from rose gold roses that give this necklace a gorgeous look. The Goldie Bracelet is another stunning piece of jewellery in our collection. It is made features a unique design carved on 18kt gold studded with the brightest diamonds and marquise emeralds. All the pieces in our assortment are available at an attractive emerald jewellery price.

Wondering how to buy emerald jewellery that fits your style? Check out our collection today and your search ends here and now!

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