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Emerald Nose Pins

Turning Green with Pride: Emerald Nose Pins

Emeralds are the one jewels that certainly have no problems turning others green with envy with their lustrous shade and shine. They have been popular since the days of yore to be able to make skilled orators of people, had the ability to predict the future and could also treat diseases like Cholera. The fact that it was Cleopatra’s favourite jewel is no secret and she had collections of necklaces, bracelets, rings and amulets made out of emeralds which said to resemble her eyes. Hence all the more the pride for you when you adorn BlueStone’s latest emerald nose pin design collection. Everyone’s on board for this jewellery, be it grandmothers or queens! Emeralds have been long touted to be a reliever of stress, so having this in your wardrobe is purely essential. One can see how the stress-buster might work- you wear the nose pin and stand in front of the mirror and look and behold, stress goes poof!

The combination of emerald on nose pins is extraordinary as it revives a traditional Indian jewellery culture in a very chic avatar. It is adorned an all new trendy look that gels in with the modern 21st century. Emeralds have a way of being the fragile line between the traditional and the unconventional. Workwear collection, casual wear, and especially festive wear collection are sorted with this design range. So indulge in our brand new emerald nose pin designs collection today!

Gleaning in Green: Buy Emerald Nose Pin Designs From Bluestone

It was believed that wearing emeralds was good for improving fertility and childbirth. Wearing nose pins complemented the act of childbirth, making it easier for the women. These are some age old benefits thrown in by grandmothers. But how about we invent some new benefits as we go along? Like it has been in fashion for centuries now, so one needn’t worry for another fad mania. Emerald nose pins are unique and funky which make them a style statement. They stand for the new you, who doesn’t join the herd but makes her own crowd!

Hence we, at BlueStone brought about a dazzling collection of mystic green emeralds. We offer the Juniper Nose pin and the Juniper Nose Screw with their exquisitely cut square shaped emerald in gold which makes for a simple yet sassy look. Emeralds complement almost any colour combination and attire, you just have to choose your emerald nose pin design! The pin designs are open looped nose rings while the nose screws are a slightly different style that doesn’t involve a ring.

The Oleander Nose Pin and the Oleander Nose Screw is a round cut emerald stone with three gold strokes of gold crowned atop the stone. This perfectly complements the emerald with the gold. The elegance of these rings is such that they can be matched to any occasion. They will never go over-the-top. Party nights, cocktail dinners and even weekend brunches can be elegantly rested in the hands of these emerald nose pin designs. The Tien Nose Pin and the Tien Nose Screw is a floral set with gold columns perched across the emerald central circular stone which is perfect to mark a new start in your life. Emeralds are essentially also great when it comes to commemorating any occasion like anniversaries or birthdays. They represent a passing of age and capture time for eternity.

Come buy emerald nose pin designs online at BlueStone today for prices you just won’t believe. Yes, we have kept our emerald nose pins’ prices unbelievably affordable. Try out our offers like 30 days money mack and home try-on where there is a total comfort for the buyer to try the product within the comforts of their homes with no obligation of buying it. Hurry, get your bit of Cleopatra’s favourite jewel today from us.

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