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Go Green with Emerald Pendant Designs

It can be conveniently said that green is the most soothing colour, as it is present everywhere around us in nature. Green denotes harmony; it also stands for freshness. But how green is your fashion quotient? Well, green is the new means of measuring the bling factor, especially when you make a style statement through finely crafted jewellery. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about emeralds here.

Are you looking for a beautiful pendant to go with your office and party outfits alike? Or are you thinking of breaking the cliché of diamond pendants by gifting your loved one something different this time? Either way, emerald pendants work just fine. Choose from an eclectic array of emerald pendant designs at BlueStone to add a dash of freshness to your jewellery collection or delight the girl of your dreams. Check our collection of green and dreamy sparkles and buy emerald pendants designs of your choice at highly competitive prices.

Emeralds for Everyone: Buy Emerald Pendant Designs from BlueStone

Do you prefer simple designs or do you believe in the beauty of heavy patterns? We have got you covered on both fronts with our mind-blowing collection of emerald pendants. Our display includes everything you need, from simple and classy designs to heavy pieces studded with diamond and gemstones. Simpler versions include the Aaral Pendant, the Ziva Pendant, and the Sanchal Pendant, all of which feature finely cut emeralds surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds. If you are looking for a ginormous variety, hit the buy buttons on the Blenheim Pendant, the Epitome Luxuriate Pendant, and the Rim Jhim Pendant.

Irrespective of the design, the most common problem is figuring out what makeup goes with green. Do not worry, as the colour is rather subtle and elegant in nature. Its radiance is enough to catch attention whether you are attending a party or going for a casual dinner. That being said, you could keep your makeup minimal with nude shades or go bold straight away with the ever prevailing black, smoky look. Either way, your makeup is only going to complement the green emerald pendant dangling down your neck. Observe the colour combinations on your pendant and try to match it or go just the opposite with contrasting colours.

Emerald Pendant Designs to Make Others Go Green with Envy

What do you look for in an emerald pendant – the perfect saturation and tone, the brilliance it emits, and the fineness of the cut, right? The brilliantly designed emerald pendant designs featured in our collection have it all. Wear the piece you pick with pride and watch your friends and fellow party goers turn green with envy.

When you buy emerald pendants online from us, you need not limit your options to the lustre of green alone. The Bluebell Shine Pendant, the Aashika Pendant, and the Lada Pendant are specially designed for those who want to combine the grandeur of emerald with the vivacity of other gemstones. For combinations with ruby or pink tourmaline, check the Detachable Kalakriti Pendant and the Blushing Heart Pendant. Scan the emerald pendants price in detail, take a look at the cut and lustre, and decide the one that best suits your outfit or occasion.

Who would want a gift that lacks sparkle, especially when it comes to good gemstones? At BlueStone, you can choose from an exciting range of impeccable patterns made with high-quality emeralds. Along with this comes the convenience of trying and ordering them from the comfort of your home.

Emeralds All the Way: Buy Emerald Pendants Online

If you do not believe in mono pieces and are looking for more than one emerald to adorn your neck, try the Varsha Boond Pendant or the Rajeshwari Pendant in our collection. The former is an exquisitely designed piece featuring emeralds, diamonds, and rubies; the latter radiates the brightness of emeralds and the everlasting sparkle of diamonds.

Offering some simple yet contemporary patterns are the Rhea Pendant, the Piscola Pendant, and the Rohal Pendant. Affordable emerald pendants price range and special discounts running on selected pieces all through the year make BlueStone the right place to buy luxurious green pendants. Available in different shapes, patterns, and gemstone combinations, they add a touch of grace to any outfit, accentuate your looks, and pump up the glamour quotient in a manner no other gemstone can.

There are emerald pendants offering a religious touch to your jewellery collection such as the Janardhana Pendant, the Aadarsh Pendant, and the Nandgopala Pendant. Emeralds are believed to be a notch above the rest and rightly so. The colour stands out of the pool of ornate gemstones. Be it diamonds or pearls, white gold or gold, a speck of emerald somewhere adds a zesty touch to the piece. For these reasons, different from the usual ones, you must buy emerald pendants online at BlueStone.

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