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Engagement Jewellery Designs: Of Fashion and Passion

An engagement denotes the union of two souls. It marks the beginning of a new phase of life. It is like a fairy tale where everything looks so rosy and dreamy, where the world centres around you two and no one speaks of anything but the couple in love. This is also the time when the ceremony dates are to be out and wedding preparations begin in full swing. Call it important or not, we know it is the most time consuming and happy stint for both the families. With so much happening at the same time, do you have time for shopping for the right ornaments? Why not buy engagement jewellery online? This will save you the hassle of spending time on the road travelling and looking for designs all in one evening.

One Occasion, Many Pieces: Exquisite Engagement Jewellery Designs

Does it have to be all about the ring? Well, yes and no. Choosing the engagement ring is vital, as it helps in syncing the rest of the jewellery such as the necklaces, bracelets and nose pins to accompany the pre bridal couture. Nonetheless, scanning a plethora of engagement jewellery designs becomes imperative in aiding the flowery decision. Take a look at some of our exquisite collection:

Diamonds are not the only stones that must go into your engagement ring. Other precious stones can amplify the beauty while adding a pop of colour as well. Gemstone fans can browse through the Julius Ring and the Serelia Ring for their ruby fix, while the others can take a look at the Atlantis Ring or the amethyst or the Elignia Ring.

Shifting the focus from the bride to be, let’s talk about engagement ring designs for him. A man usually seeks a simpler form of jewellery; however it totally depends on his taste. For those who like to keep it light, take a peek at the Kayon Ring, the Firm and Swanky Ring or the Confident Male Ring. If these prove too simple for his liking, go with chunkier versions such as the Ishaan Ring, the Dauntless Ruler Ring or the Legendary Ring. When we talk about rings, we mean some forms of metal bands too. Set in beautiful studs are some welcome variants in yellow and white gold. Pretty versions of the bands designed especially for women include the Circe Ring for Her, the Ezio Ring for Her and the Aphrodite Band.

The Big Rock: Buy Engagement Jewellery Designs

Choosing the right ring is the toughest of all decisions. We know most of you place your bets on the single diamond that rocks a woman’s world. Yes, we are talking about the solitaire engagement jewellery collection. Choose from the likes of the Cygna Ring, the Mathis Ring, the Tenera Ring or the Vivan Ring. The single diamond piece beset in white or gold, is symbolic of the solid bond and tell tales that the engagement story beholds. It has to be the best. Take a look at the engagement jewellery price and by a piece that suits your pocket and taste. This category is easily the simplest and the most valued of the lot. The big rock after all is the result of the biggest decision of life.

Not everyone is content with the simplicity of a single stone. For some, fancy rings do matter. Those with an eye for design details and multiple stones could opt for the Simply Chic Ring, the Theona Ring or the Myrah Ring.

Easy Breezy: Buy Engagement Jewellery Online

The best part of shopping with BlueStone is that you can shop for engagement jewellery online from the comfort of your home. This helps you compare different designs at a single glance and gives a bigger picture of the range available. For instance, women who have an inclination towards glamorous outfits and jewellery pieces can opt for the Red Carpet Glamour Ring, the Alexa Ring or the Venus Ring. For those who like twinning it up at their engagement, we have stunning designs in store. The duo looking for a sleek and simple engagement band could settle with the Purette Ring for Her, the Band of Glory or the Piara Ring.

An engagement is an occasion that is the dearest to all. It has to involve a piece so exquisite that it screams love and togetherness. To play the wedding game right, the engagement jewellery has to be at its best. Keeping the occasion and emotions at play, the designs are crafted to offer the best of jewellery that the market has to offer. Be it the glimmer of the Celestina Ring, the flamboyance of the Amber Ring or the simplicity of the Aureus Ring, we have a special piece to honour your big day.

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