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Sapphire Studded Gold Earrings

Sapphires and Gold: the Vibrant Team 

Sapphire jewellery in bright colours is the preferred choice of many. Women just adore their earrings in different tints and shades of the versatile gemstone. As much as they appreciate the colours, they value real art. Basking in the most artistic patterns are some the best sets of sapphire studded gold earring designs found in the alluring collection of BlueStone. They are perfect for almost every occasion and can add just the right spark and colour pop to a monotone outfit or drab theme. Sapphire stones are not just available in blue, but shades of green, yellow, pink, white, purple, and many other colours. They make the perfect gifts, not just for weddings and lavish functions, but to your girlfriends, siblings and other family members on their birthdays or any such occasions. Moreover, sapphire earrings could be quite impersonal and serve as safe bets for gifting those whose choices you are not too sure of. What are you waiting for? Frisk the online world of BlueStone collection, explore your options and buy sapphire studded gold earring designs from the convenience of your homes.

The Classic Studs: Buy Sapphire Studded Gold Earring Designs

Stud earrings can never go out of style. They are universal and can be worn with absolutely any outfit and on every occasion. While danglers require specific attire and attention, studs are more relaxed in nature. However, this does not mean that they do not come in fancy styles. There can be the most intricate sapphire studded gold earring designs available in the form of studs. Try the floral beauties of the Moonwalk Earrings and the Licorice Earrings. These comprise of pretty yellow tinted stones with a diamond circumference in distinct shapes. Explore the flower power further with the ink blue and diamond combination of the Floral Harmony Earrings and the mismatched ruby and blue sapphire diamond stud of the Coral Mismatch Earrings.

There are exquisite pieces worth a mention. Take a look at the nature-inspired series consisting of the Caipiroska Earrings and the Pretty Butterfly Earrings for Kids. While the former forms cute little butterflies set in red rubies and yellow sapphire, the latter is clearly for the younger lot with distinct gold wings and the body made of pink sapphire. Besides this, there is a sharp rhomboid fusion of pink sapphire and amethyst as seen in the Safyra Earrings. Whether you aim at buying these pieces for yourself or your children make sure you compare the sapphire studded gold earrings’ prices across all the categories and then take a decision.

Hoops and Drops of Joy: Buy Sapphire Studded Gold Earrings Online

This series includes some of the best earring designs from the collection in the form of hoops, drops, and danglers. We are talking about the collection specific to sapphire gemstones. Thus, it ought to be colourful and vibrant. Some of the most brilliant and artistic pieces can be found in this range. Take a look at the pretty floral drops of the Soika Earrings. These deep blue sapphire stones are surrounded by diamond rims and leaves, making them perfect for any festivity or cocktail function. On the other hand, there are floral danglers like the Cresena Earrings. Sporting diamond petals and subtle pink sapphire studs all through the length of these earrings, they qualify for grand occasions.

If you love hoops, you are bound to adore alternating diamond and yellow sapphire setting of the Charmed Brilliance Earrings or the pinkish mauve tinge of the Angelyn Earrings. These pieces are bold, catchy and make a strong statement while exuding sheer brilliance and elegance. A twist in pattern and unusual variation is seen in the brightly spotted charm of the Vidhut Earrings. The combination of rubies and blue sapphire works wonders, setting the stage on fire. These can easily double up as ethnic or traditional pieces as well, imparting a modern vibe to the traditional feel. Head to the website and buy sapphire studded gold earrings online

So what are you waiting for? Explore, decide and buy sapphire studded gold ear pieces today.

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