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Women's White Gold Rings

Women's White Gold Ring Designs that are Pure and Beautiful

White gold rings are pretty little pieces that account for most women’s prized possessions. The element that distinguishes them from gold is the colour that supports different hues of gemstones. White is a pure and serene form of nature. Jewellery in white looks very pretty in a simple, plain form. It looks equally good when diffused with tints of other metals and hues of different gemstones. They mark a celebration so pure, an occasion so elegant and more than one reason to own. Women’s white gold ring designs can be found in abundance in the market and in online jewellery stores.

Sparkle like Sapphire: Buy Women's White Gold Ring Online from BlueStone

As blue as the deep sky, sapphire is formed of the aluminium oxide mineral, corundum. Though the pure form is blue in colour, a number of variations in different colours can be found in the market these days. September babies can claim a piece of sapphire jewellery from BlueStone as it is their birthstone after all. Worry not; we have kept our women's white gold rings prices as competitive as possible so that you do not have to burn your wallet when buying one.

Subtle pink sapphire stones set in white metal rings produce delicate and pretty patterns. Choose and all white gold pattern like the Kerrira Ring with a central pink sapphire or its variation with a streak of gold in the Silene Ring. For a pattern comprising of three pretty flowers around the thick white gold band, go with the Bougainvillea Ring. The traditional blue sapphire too can be seen in our range. Rectangular, clean cuts of sapphire are found in the Treasure Trove Ring and the Exemplary Ring, while floral and circular patterns can be seen in the Shubhika Ring, the Yuvrani Ring and the Antara Ring. Buy women's white gold ring designs from our range today at a competitive price.

Up and Away: Buy Women's White Gold Rings Online

Doesn’t everyone wait for the weekend, from the beginning of the week itself? More so, many of us make plans for a vacation during an extended weekend or holiday. We present the two categories of rings that are specifically designed for the casual feel or holiday mood.

Winding up the week of hard work are intricate designs of the Amy Ring, the Proud as a Peacock Ring, the Red Carpet Glamour Ring, and the Carol Ring. Simpler versions of the weekend collection include the Aphrodite Band, the Tenera Ring, the Orbicular Touch Ring and the Cirrus Ring. Twirling to the vacation groove are the Cassia Ring, the Mascarhina’s Two Finger Ring, the Sally Ring and the Davina Ring. Single band rings mildly studded with diamonds include the Riam Ring for Her, the Purity Ring, the Pure Symphony Ring and the Dream date Ring. Buy women's white gold rings online from the category that suits you the best.

Fancy Whites

Women's white gold ring designs are of different shapes, styles, designs and patterns. They are tailored to suit every possible occasion. Talking of fancy white gold rings, let us take a look at the festive variety.

Without a mention of Roseate smolder rings, the range is incomplete. These smoky white rings have a stunning appeal with their diamonds and rubies set in alluring patterns. The designs are breathtakingly beautiful and that makes it hard to choose one out of the Grand Allure Ring, the Flora Allure Ring, and the Flowery Panache Ring. The much-awaited cocktail party calls for rings loud and beautiful. Make a bold statement by flashing the Mirth Ring, the Forever Rose Ring or the Batida Ring. Choose from netted patterns of the Rapture Ring, the Utopia Ring or the Vista Ring. Imagine a cluster of diamond florets or alternating buds and petals lining the perimeter of the ring. Now take a look at the Eartha Ring, the Gericka Ring, the Gloriane Ring, the Badita Ring and the Beatitude Ring and take your pick.

Be sure to opt for our home try-on option before you make the purchase. That way you get to wear the piece before you own it. We run deals on selected pieces from time to time. Keep an eye out for the deals too.

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