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Ruby Studded Gold Bangles

Rubies and Royalty: A Relationship That Has Lasted Through the Ages

Ah, rubies! These deep red stones have been extolled by poets and writers all through the history and enjoyed a longstanding association with royalty. From tiaras and necklaces to rings and bangles, rubies enhance the beauty of almost every type of jewellery. What’s more? They go well with traditional and contemporary designs alike. Take a look at the ruby studded gold bangle designs offered by BlueStone. From round bangles and oval bangles to flexible designs and palm cuffs, this collection celebrates the eternal charm of rubies in every way imaginable. Whether you are heading to a party or dressing up for a royal gala, these bangles will make a style statement as unique as you. Remember, rubies are the birthstone for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. So if you celebrate your birthday in July, here is an amazing collection for you explore.

If Rubies Could Talk, What Would They Say?

The type of jewellery a woman wears says a lot about her personality and taste in jewellery. Rubies, when set in designs like the Antara Bangle or the Adhira Bangle, are symbolic of personalities who are extremely self-motivated, ambitious, and born leaders. Ruby studded gold bangle designs like the Aynaz Palm Cuff are ideal for a woman who likes to be unique and stand out in a crowd rather than blending in. A woman who likes traditional patterns can go for an essential classic like the Samreet Bangle while fashionistas who love to sport fusion designs can choose the Selma Bangle or the Soma Bangle.

Rubies: One of the Irreplaceable Navratans

When you buy ruby studded gold bangle designs, take a look at the Bhagwanti Bangle and the Charumati Bangle. Apart from rubies, these bangles feature eight other gemstones which are together known as the Navaratna. The Navaratna jewellery is one of the most iconic styles of Indian jewellery. Along with enhancing a woman’s beauty, these gemstones are also credited with the ability to bring about positive energy. A ruby is said to be ruled by the sun and is the source of all energies. Thus, if you look closely at our Navaratna bangle collection, you will notice that the ruby takes the most important, central position in these designs.

Buy Ruby Studded Gold Bangles Online to Make a Special Day Even More Special

Whether you’re heading out to a cocktail party or to a wedding, you can’t step out with bare wrists; bangles are a must. Ruby bangle designs like the Nima Bangle or the Angana Bangle can be beautifully paired with green or yellow outfits. When paired with neutral colours, ruby bangles like the Kumud Bangle and the Athira Bangle can perk up the outfit and complete your look. Designs like the Kalakriti Bangle and the Hina Bangle are ideal for a Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony while the Jiha Bangle will put you in the spotlight at an office cocktail party.

How to Buy Ruby Studded Gold Bangles Online

Gone are the days when you had to go from shop to shop to find a bangle that fits your wrists as perfectly as it fits your tastes. With BlueStone offering an eye-catchy and affordable array of designs, you can now buy ruby bangles online from the comfort of your home. The most important thing to keep in mind when you buy ruby studded gold bangle designs is the size. To measure your bangle size, wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your hand and mark the spot where the two ends meet. When you measure this length, you will get the circumference of your ideal bangle size. This can then be correlated to a bangle size chart to get your bangle size. If your size happens to fall between two sizes, it is advisable to pick the larger size. Likewise, if you have large hands and comparatively smaller wrists, it is better to go for a flexible bangle like the Unnati Flexible Bangle or an oval bangle like the Sabrina Bangle.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the ruby studded gold bangles prices. This is largely influenced by the number and size of rubies and other gemstones being used in a piece. For this reason, though the Nupur Bangle and the Niti Bangle look similar, the former has bigger stones and hence is more expensive. While the size of the stones cannot be altered, when you shop with us, you can customise the gold caratage and the cut of the stone to make it better fit your budget. Why wait? Come, explore our collection, lose yourself to the wonders we have in store for you.

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