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Stunning Plain Gold Jewellery that’s Fit for the Royalty

All that glitters might not be gold, but what’s gold is hard to resist. Gold is a precious metal that has always been valued for its worth. But it is its role in the creation of fine jewellery that has brought it much acclaim, which started since it was first discovered and continues until this moment. While our ancestors had to be happy with the yellow metal, you have so much more choice when it comes to the colours of gold. At BlueStone, you’ll get exclusive access to not only gold, but you can also buy plain gold jewellery designs in white and rose gold too. We have a variety of bangles, chains, pendants, rings, and so much more for men and women.

The Advent of the Shining Dawn: Love of Gold through the Ages

The chemical symbol for gold is Au for aurum, which is the Latin word for “shining dawn”. If its quality of being corrosion resistant has made it the symbol of immortality through the ages, gold’s value and aesthetic beauty have made it a primary constituent of jewellery since ancient times. From Egyptians in 5000 BCE to people of the Sumerian civilisation in 3000 BCE, they have all left evidence of having worn gold jewellery. The civilisations that followed too embraced this precious yellow metal in the form of necklaces, earrings, diadems, bracelets, rings, pendants, brooches, etc.

Exquisite Plain Gold Jewellery Designs for Her and Him

Jewellery is an integral part of our culture and gold jewellery is a prized possession that is usually handed down from one generation to the next. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes — from subtle traditional designs to eye-catching adornments and assemblies. The versatility of modern plain gold jewellery at BlueStone and our exclusive assortment will leave you spoilt for choice. We understand that your taste in jewellery is very personal and it’s something that you shouldn’t compromise. That’s why we diligently craft an array of personalised designs that are extremely popular among jewellery enthusiasts, both women and men, around the world.

BlueStone Jewellery Designs and Prices Will Leave You Spellbound

The wide selection of plain gold jewellery at BlueStone is designed keeping you and your budget in mind. If the thought of exorbitant prices has always kept you away from buying gold jewellery, you will rejoice at our exclusive collection and their attractive prices. You can now buy plain gold jewellery online without burning a hole in your pocket. Our competitive plain gold jewellery price combined with the wide range of designs we offer keeps our loyal customers coming back to us time and again. Browse our collection to experience the delight yourself.

Along with their great prices, all our pieces of jewellery are designed to suit your mood and occasion. Show yourself some plain gold love with one of our magnificent pieces, such as the Helen Earrings. These gorgeous beauties are crafted from 22kt gold in the shape of a Greek laurel wreath to make you feel victorious every time you wear them. For the simple man, we have the Olavi Ring made of two bands of 18kt gold. The Peacock Vivacity Ring is perfect for the diva who desires nothing but perfection. It is a unique ring made of 22kt gold and features an intricately sculpted peacock sitting elegantly on the top. You’ll also find fun jewellery designs for kids of all ages. Check out our plain gold jewellery collection to be mesmerised.

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