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Plain Gold Nose Pins: Trinkets that Never Go Out of Vogue

There was one thing that made Sonam Kapoor stand out on the red carpet during the Great Gatsby premiere. Her dazzling nose ring attracted almost as much attention as the rest of her outfit. Let’s admit it; nose pins have the power to transform the wearer’s look almost instantly. Have you noticed those oversize rings our Bollywood actresses like Vidya Balan and Maduri Dixit wore on screen. Those earrings made them embodiments of traditional Indian beauty. But wait before you brand nose pins as a traditional trinket. Take a look at Lady Gaga’s or Scarlet Johannsson’s septum ring. The drama such rings add to their spunky look cannot be missed. And that makes nose pins a popular choice among women of all ages.

Although they are available in many types and designs, nose pins made of plain gold are always a classic. That’s why we, at BlueStone, have curated our plain gold nose pins without diamonds or precious stones. The glitter of the yellow metal is enough keep you shining, brightly and forever.

History of Nose Pins in India

Nose rings may be popular around the world as fashion statements but in India they symbolise much more. Women in many Indian communities wore nose pins from centuries ago. They are believed to have begun to buy plain gold nose pins designs in the sixteenth century. This type of jewellery originated in the Middle East and was popularised by the Mughal emperors and their Queens.

According to Ayurveda, the left nostril is linked to fertility and the female reproductive organs. For this reason, Indian women usually pierce their left nostril. It is believed that this will make the process of child birth easier and reduce pain associated with menstruation. However, they may also pierce the right nostril as well as the septum. While north Indian women usually pierce their left nostril, many south Indian women prefer to pierce their right nostril. Nose rings are also considered to be symbol or a woman’s marital status and are a must have for weddings.

Types of Jewellery for the Nose

Jewellery for the nose can be categorised as nose pins, nose screws, and nose rings. Nose screws are similar to stud earrings. They feature a screw at the back and an ornamental pin head that can be screwed in to the back. This holds it in place. Nose pins, on the other hand, are designed as a simple twisted wire with an ornamental pin head. Nose rings are comparable to a hoop earring. A wire goes through the piercing in the nostril and is locked onto the other half of the ring. Many women prefer this type of jewellery as it has a much lower risk of falling off. Whether you choose a screw, pin, or ring, we have them all at BlueStone. We are committed to help you find your twinkle, didn’t we say?

Gold Nose Pins Designs That Vary By State

When women buy plain gold nose pins online, one the factors influencing their choice is their geographical location. A typical Punjabi nose ring is known as a nath. This may be connected by a chain to the hair and be ornamented by a few small pendants. The nathni is a lighter version of this nath and is popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In the hills of Uttarakhand, a nose ring is known as a Nathuli. This may be decorated by filigree and precious gemstones.

North Indian women may also wear a nose ring with delicate filigree known as a bulaq. The cashew nut shape and clusters of pearls are a signature style of Maharashtrian nose rings. The south Indian version of nose pins, called mukkuthi, is typically simple in design and studded with diamond and gemstones.

Best Plain Gold Nose Pins for Different Faces

As with clothes and makeup, different types of jewellery favour different types of faces. Thus, when you buy plain gold nose pins designs, you must keep the shape of your face in mind. Hoops ornamented with crystals and gemstones are best suited to long faces. On the other hand, a half hoop can elongate a round face. Large, round nathani can help soften the look of an angular face. Dainty studs suit small faces while large gemstone studded nose pins suit a square face.

The Many Colours of Gold

In its natural form gold is seen as a bright yellow. However, it cannot be cast into jewellery because natural gold is very soft and cannot hold its form. Hence, it must be alloyed with other metals to make it suitable for jewellery making. When gold is alloyed with copper it retains its yellow colour. However, when zinc or palladium is added to it, it is given a white hue. This is known as white gold.

Today, many trendy plain gold nose pins online are crafted in white gold. The carat value of gold is determined by the ratio of pure gold to other metals. Pure gold is known as 24kt gold. This implies that all 24 parts of the gold are pure gold. Our plain gold nose pin collection is crafted from 22kt gold, where 22 parts are pure gold and other metals constitute the remaining two. It may also be made in 18kt or 14kt gold. This helps reduce the plain gold nose pins price according to your budget.

How to Buy Plain Gold Nose Pins?

At BlueStone, we offer a number of new designs in plain gold nose pins. Designs like the Kosara Nose Ring suit all types of faces and skin tones. This nose ring may be made in gold or white gold. Gold is preferred by those who prefer classic styles while people who like trendier designs may prefer white gold. These nose rings can be bought for oneself or as a gift or someone else. These nose rings are ideal for everyday wear as well as office wear.

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