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Paint the Town Red with Ruby Ring Designs

Rubies, the most magnificent of all precious stones, are often called the king of gems and rightly so. Unsurprisingly, for a long period in history, these fiery red stones were considered the gems of kings, queens, and royalty. If history is to be believed, the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan didn’t mind offering an entire city in exchange of a large ruby. Today, you don’t have to be a king or a queen nor do you have to give up your fortune to own these red beauties. The designers at BlueStone have harnessed the energy and life of blood-red rubies to give you remarkable ruby ring designs in inimitable settings. Whether you want a showstopper to have heads turning at the next event or a subtle ring that can be worn every day, this collection has a wide range to choose from.

Buy Ruby Ring Designs and Dress Like it’s the Red Carpet

The vivacity of ruby rings matches the grandeur of Indian festivals in a way no other gemstone does. Luxurious and ornate, pieces like the Farheen Ring are ideal to make a statement. With a large ruby placed in the centre, it has a blue and gold pattern that will transport you to the old world charm of Mughal designs. Another ring that can match up to a saree with a beautiful gold zari is the Lodima Ring. Shaped like an open lotus, its centre is highlighted by marquise-cut rubies.

If it is a rose gold statement that you are aiming to make, the Gloriana Ring should be your choice. Its curved network of lines is shaped into an elegantly fanned-out ring. A powerful circle of rubies at the centre holds a diamond flower motif. If you want to pull out all stops and get yourself a striking ring, the Yogini Ring is your best bet. Its gold pattern holds a bed of rubies and is interspersed with diamonds. On the other hand, if it is a white gold ring that you fancy, go for the Theona Ring which is an eternity ring featuring an unbroken line of diamonds and rubies.

Red is for Romance: Buy Ruby Rings Online to Celebrate Your Love

In many cultures, it is believed that these fiery stones signify love and passion. Where there is love, there should be a ring, right? Here, we present our tastefully crafted ruby ring designs to help you wear your romance on your fingers. The Aamara Ring combines the blush of rose gold with the deep glamour of rubies. The Jared Ring features open rose blossoms crafted in rose gold with a ruby each at the heart of the flowers. Perfectly combining passion and artistic romance, these rings are a poetic way of expressing yourself.

The Tami Ring and Pendant is for those who love the mellow warmth of gold. Rubies and a single pearl embellish this versatile piece that can be worn as a pendant as well as a ring. If you prefer heart-shaped rings studded with rubies, go for the Minna Ring or the Olphia Ring, both made of white gold. Fancy sporting a playful and unconventionally designed ring? The Love Pill Ring is your best pick. Designed like a ruby-studded capsule, this ring gives you the much needed dose of romance.

Dress for the Job You Want: Buy Ruby Rings Online

Do you need a ring that elevates your outfit and yet be subtle enough to blend in? Check out our office wear collection and you will find just what you are looking for. The Ilaria Ring features a delicate arrangement of rubies and diamonds and the Flauria Trinity Ring combines the deep red of rubies and rich green of emeralds to create its cheerful motif. These go perfectly well with formal western and ethnic office wear.

The Ellice Ring with its ruby red leaves dropping gracefully from a gold vine give your finger just enough theatre to be noticed. Indulge the diva in you with the Aaren Crown Ring. Its rose gold body is twisted into a lovely tiara embellished with diamonds and rubies. This piece can go from day to night and its versatile pattern is able to match both professional wear and evening wear with equal ease.

Buy Ruby Ring Designs for Men

Rubies are not just for women! Men can now buy ruby rings online from us and sport the brightness and vivacity of these red stones. Take a look at our Emperor Ring. Made of gold and studded with diamonds and a bright red ruby, this piece is nothing short of absolute magnificence. The Nawab Ring is yet another ring that abounds in regal charm. The Vintage Style Ring features multiple rubies on its gold body while the Charming Prince Ring has four princess-cut rubies accented with a sparkling line of diamonds. The Supremo Ring made of white gold is another design you could consider from our men’s ruby rings collection.

Constantly improving on conventional designs to meet the new, elevated aesthetics of the jewellery buyers of today, BlueStone’s designers are determined to push the boundaries to offer you the best. This is why you are sure to find something you love when you browse through our collection. We even offer you the home try-on feature, so you are able to examine your shortlisted products before putting down your money. What’s more? We ensure that our ruby rings price is kept affordable so that you can sport a million-buck look without having to spend as much!

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