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Ruby Studded Gold Rings

Ruby Studded Gold Rings for the Stars of the Red Carpet

What do amorous red roses, sparkling red wine, luscious red lipsticks and radiant red rubies have in common other than the deep red colour? They remind us that pleasurable things in life come in shades of red. The colour red is synonymous with glamour, passion, and intensity. Rubies are found in shades of light red to blood red that is popularly called pigeon blood rubies. In the ancient days, light coloured rubies were considered appropriate for women and dark red rubies for men.

If rubies are called Ratnaraj in Sanskrit meaning ‘king of precious stones’, then the Adams Collection at BlueStone is a fitting tribute to the men of today. Revel and reign in rubies with the various designs we have lined up for you. A single ruby set in the background of diamonds in the Nawab Ring or the Emperor Ring? The competition is intense! If you prefer multi-stones, then check out the Charming Prince Ring with four stones and the Vintage Style Ring with nine rubies embedded in gold.

Two Finger Rings: Buy Ruby Studded Gold Ring Designs for Women

What is better than a ruby ring? A ruby ring that adorns two fingers definitely! Ainsley Two Finger Ring looks fetching with a ruby flower dancing delicately among diamond leaves. Watch the timeless beauty of a resplendent round ruby trace the diamond trajectory in the Janna Two Finger Ring. Modern day divas will simply adore the Fatal Femme Ring with the curious shield and dagger pattern.

If rubies represent a fiery passion and deep love, then watching rubies romance diamonds is definitely a star-studded affair. Diamonds and rubies; it takes two to tango indeed! The Flirtini Ring showcases the timeless love affair of rubies and diamonds and the Darika Ring is a cocktail ring of a match made in heaven. The Lanet Ring with the filigree pattern and the Suneha Ring with a ruby that is highlighted with the diamonds all around will steal the show and hearts alike. The Audre Ring is a breathtaking bouquet of diamonds and rubies.

When diamonds, rubies, and emeralds get together the sparks just fly. The Mahika Ring and the Aashika Rings have the trio of stunning diamonds, glorious green emeralds and the glowing red rubies set in gold.

Buy Ruby Studded Gold Rings Online From BlueStone for Every Occasion

Move away from the mundane everyday workwear rings and give them the ruby break. The Karlitha Ring features a light red ruby amidst diamonds. The Ellice Ring has rubies set in an asymmetric pattern. The Dainty Floral Ring has three floral layers of gold, diamonds and a single ruby in a delicate and feminine pattern. The Aakifah Ring and the Farheen Ring have a ruby at the centre bordered by diamonds in colourful hues.

There is a ruby for every occasion. The romance collection showcases a variety of ruby rings that will make your valentine beam with delight. The Klara Ring and the Deandrian Ring have an aesthetic and interesting arrangement of rubies. Pearls are not just rare but pure and pristine too – they look perfectly in place with rubies and diamonds in the Annis Ring and the Elfie Ring. Yogini Ring and Tanima Ring are in the intricate lattice pattern while the Tvarika Ring has an appealing mismatched open design.

Watch these crimson beauties play with layers and designs in the Camilla Lattice Ring. There are delicate filigree patterns on the ring and the band that clasps your fingers. The Serelia Ring is another stunning show stopper that comes in white gold with alternating bunches of diamonds and rubies on the top that is closely held.

We don’t want you to miss the coronation – check out the crown shaped Lexie Ring and the Victoria Ring with the sparkling ruby at the centre.

At BlueStone, we have kept our ruby studded gold rings prices pocket-friendly and affordable. So while you indulge in rubies to your hearts’ content, you definitely don’t have to worry about the price you have to pay to make these your own. So what are you waiting for? Grab the pieces that steal your heart right away.

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