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White Ruby Rings

White Ruby Rings: Classy Colour Combinations in the World of Jewellery

Do you know what is the best way to highlight the depth of colour of a blood red ruby? Pair a ruby with a white diamond or set it on white metal, and what you get is a subtle yet sophisticated piece of jewellery. The myriad white ruby ring designs available at BlueStone spell luxury with their unique patterns and the classy combination of red and white. The one-of-a-kind ruby rings in our extensive collection are eloquent pieces of jewellery that are handcrafted to impress. All the pieces in our exclusive assortment of rings for fashion-forward men and jewellery-loving women are made with the highest quality gold — white gold, gold, and rhodium-plated gold that looks as beautiful as white gold. Browse our collection to buy white ruby rings online.

The Age-Old Love and Lore of Rings and Rubies

In the ancient times, rings were more than mere adornments. They were considered precious symbols of royalty, authority, and promises, and were also considered legally binding signs at times. Similarly, rubies have been considered precious since they were discovered ages ago. Believed to be a desire-igniting gemstone, a ruby symbolises passion in its deep red hues. It has been long valued by humankind and has a great significance in many cultures around the world. Ruby was called “ratnaraj”, which means “king of precious stones” in ancient Sanskrit. Can there be anything more precious than a ruby-studded ring?

Rings for Him and Her: Buy White Ruby Ring Designs

The ring you wear speaks volumes about your personality and your taste in the fine things in life. You can buy white ruby ring designs at BlueStone to get the perfect ring that matches your individuality. Indulge in the finest in the world of jewellery with the ruby rings in our collection. You can choose your favourite ruby ring based on anything from the intensity and the depth of the red colour or the shape of the stone to the size of the ruby on the ring or the pattern in which the ring is handcrafted. Whatever your selection criteria, you can be sure that our rings for both men and women will sweep you off your feet.

Handpicked Selection of Stunning White Ruby Rings for You

When you have so many beautiful pieces in front of you, available at breathtaking white ruby ring prices, choosing one can be tough. And we don’t blame you! Take a look at the Olphia Ring for instance. It is an epitome of elegance with its 18kt white gold band that is topped with a ruby-outlined heart filled with sparkling white diamonds. The Skye Ring is an 18kt white gold ruby ring that will take your breath away with its stunning and unique design. It features a diamond-studded band and two floating stars, one with diamonds and the other with rubies, on its either side.

The Floral Allure Ring is made of 18kt white gold and studded with four marquise rubies and a smooth rounded pearl in their centre. The Supremo Ring for men combines the allure of glittering diamonds and deep red rubies and balances them on an 18kt white gold band to make a sophisticated style statement. There are many more such stunning pieces in our collection that redefine affordable luxury.

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