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The term Bangle is originated from the Hindi word ‘Bungri’ which means “Glass”

The first discovery of bangles is attributed to the Mohenjo-Daro settlements. This historically significant item is one of the oldest forms of jewelry found. Earlier bangles were made of terracotta which is a fired clay, stones, shells, copper, glass and other similar materials.  Bangles are amongst the traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

It is also called Bangadi in Maharashtra, Chudi/Choodi in North India, Kangan in Hindi, Kada or Kara in Punjabi, Gajina Bale in Karnataka, Valayal in Tamilnadu, Chura  in Nepal, Vala in Malyalam, etc,.

The Bangle designs are usually circular in shape and with simple to intricate designs. They are studded with diamonds, other precious and semi-precious gems and pearls and are made of gold. Most women wear bangles as a pair and some men wear a single bangle, commonly called a kada.  BlueStone is a preferred destination for customers to buy bangle designs online due to the widest choices available. 

Traditional bangles are also considered as heirloom products, which will be passed from one generation to other.

BlueStone offers two different styles of bangles to customers.

Round Bangle

The round bangle is considered an important part of wedding jewellery for many Indian brides. The meaning and significance of the ornament varies from region to region and family to family. Traditionally bangles are worn in sets or as a pair. BlueStone offers Round bangles for daily wear, office wear, bridal or special occasion wear. We have a wide range of bangle designs from simple design to intricate designs with plain gold, gemstone and diamonds. Designs vary from classic and traditional to contemporary styles. One of the best bangles under the wedding collection is “THE AMNA BANGLE”

Eternity Round Bangles

Eternity Jewellery has grown in popularity, largely due to its beautiful meaning and elegant look. An Eternity Bangle has a continuous line of identically cut gemstones or diamonds or design, which symbolize the bond of never-ending love, usually given by a husband to his wife on the occasion of an anniversary or any such special occasion. These designs are very classic and will never go out of style. They also go well with both western and Indo-western attire. One of the best pieces from this collection is “THE JOAN BANGLE”. 

Oval Bangle

Oval bangles are trending now, as they are light weight jewellery with simple and elegant designs. Oval bangles always have an added advantage, as the bangle size will not be a problem; as these are openable with locking system and oval bangles are perfect for gifting purpose! BlueStone offers exclusive designs in oval bangles with plain gold, simple designs with diamonds, a combination of diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. If you are sure about your round bangle size, we suggest you go for one size smaller than your round bangle size while buying an oval bangle as it has the open and lock system. Oval bangles are a great option for office wear, special occasions and will go well with Indo-western and western attire. One of the best pieces of the Oval Bangle Collection is “THE ITYAT BANGLE”

Office Wear and Plain Gold Oval Bangle:

BlueStone offers exclusive Oval Bangle Collection for Daily wear and office wear. Office wear jewellery is bold and offers fashionable contemporary designs. Redefining contemporary workwear jewellery, “Boardroom Glam Collection” perfectly marries style with elegance. Plain gold oval bangles are available in simple, elegant designs and good for both regular and occasion wear. One of the best pieces of office wear jewellery is “THE SYNCED AFFECTION BANGLE”.

Customers today prefer to buy bangles online due to widest choice of exclusive bangles designs and competitive online bangles price.


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