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Special Occasion Bangle Designs for All Your Special Occasions

Every woman loves her bangles and dressing up for a special occasion is incomplete without bangles. While everyday bangles are likely to be sleek and may not feature diamonds or other precious stones, special occasion bangle designs help a woman sparkle with intricate cutwork or precious gemstones. The special occasion bangle collection at BlueStone has everything you need to make your special occasions memorable – the glitter of gold, the charm of intricate designs, the twinkle of diamonds, the rhapsody of colourful gemstones, and above all affordable prices.

Special Occasion Bangle Designs for the Glamorous Woman

Whether you choose to wear an ethnic outfit or a western dress, bangles go with almost everything. If you’re heading out to a wedding dressed in your favourite saree or anarkali, you could wear the Twirled Wonder Bangle made of plain gold or the Antara Bangle studded with rubies and emeralds to make a statement. Similarly, if it’s a cocktail party that’s on the agenda for the weekend, pair your little black dress with the sleek Flora Allure Bangle or Tanyata Bangle. Designs like the Rytra Bangle or the Timeless Charisma Bangle pair well with fusion outfits as well. For a quintessentially Indian look on your special occasions, go for the characteristically Indian designs like the Charumati Bangle and Bhagawati Bangle, two exquisite pieces from our Navaratna collection.

Buy Special Occasion Bangle Designs for Every Personality

When it comes to jewellery, what suits one woman may not necessarily suit another. This is because each piece of jewellery is an extension of a woman’s personality and hence needs to reflect her personal style and design sensibilities. For example, a woman who likes traditional designs is likely to go for the Bela Bangle or the Samreet Bangle while a woman who wants to play by trends is likely to prefer the Sila Bangle or the Muricelle Bangle. Women with young lap babies may not be comfortable wearing bangles with protruding stones or sharp edges and hence may want to wear something along the lines of the soft Carey Bangle or Bliran Bangle. Age also plays an important role in selecting the right bangle. Young girls are more open to experimentation and like playful designs like the Poorbi Bangle or the Ananta Bangle while older women typically like more subtle designs like the Ashima Bangle or the Adrika Bangle.

How to Buy Special Occasion Bangles Online?

When you buy special occasion bangle designs online, it is important that you know your bangle size. To measure your bangle size, wrap a strip of paper snugly around the widest part of your hand. Note that your thumb is also wrapped in this paper. Now mark the spot where the two ends meet and measure the length between them. This is the circumference your bangle size that can be correlated to a bangle size chart to give you the correct size. Thus, when you buy special occasion bangle designs from BlueStone, ensure that you order a bangle in the right size so that it is easy to put on and take off, yet will not slip off your hands easily.

If you have large hands and relatively sleek wrists, getting the bangle through your hands is a tough task. However, your sleek wrists will make the bangle look excessively large once you have put it on. Women with large hands can go for oval bangles, which makes it easy for you to put them on. At BlueStone, we offer oval bangles like the Cleodora Bangle and the Forever Rose Bangle with openable clasps, so you can simply wear it around your wrist instead of pushing them forcefully down your hands.

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and More: Splendour thy Name is Bangle

When it comes to designing bangles for a special occasion, our designers know that every design must make a bold statement. The plain gold pieces like the Natalie Bangle or the Gwyneth Bangle celebrate the glow of the gold and make a statement by themselves. On the other hand, when it comes to studded bangles, the sky is the limit for experimentation. Women who favour the timeless elegance of diamonds will love designs like the Riony Bangle or the Cahaat Bangle while those who like colours in their lives are more likely to prefer the ruby-studded Niti Bangle or the emerald and pearl Paragon Bangle. The Sweet Memory Bangle with pink tourmalines, the Bliran Bangle with blue sapphires, and the Ulys Bangle with amethysts and peridots are some of the bestselling gemstone bangles from this collection.

As you rightly guess, the number and type of stones used on a bangle influence our special occasion bangles price. However, do not simply assume that the more the stones, the higher the price. Size plays an important role too. For example, while the Ami Bangle may have more diamonds than the Baheera Bangle, it is the cheaper of the two. While the size of the diamonds cannot be customised, you can customise the cut and clarity of the stones to make it fit your budget. Browse through our eclectic collection, compare the prices and stones, and buy special occasion bangles online from us in a hassle-free manner. When life gives you special occasions, you should make each of them memorable with a uniquely designed bangle.

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