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Navaratnam Collection Jewellery: As Colourful as It can Get

Colours please our eyes, warm our hearts and invoke many emotions. According to astrology, it is said that an aesthetic and coded arrangement of colours can also bring in harmony and peace in the lives of the wearer. We are talking about the nine gems or navaratnam as they are popularly called in Sanskrit. It is believed that life on earth is influenced by the nine planets and that wearing the nine gems denoting these nine planets can balance their influence.

Wearing navaratnam jewellery in the form of rings and pendants has been a popular practice. Today navaratnam collection jewellery designs are getting more attention given the stylish looks and astrological benefits. When you buy BlueStone’s navaratnam collection jewellery designs you will be surprised at the many creative ways to wear the nine gems.

Buy Navaratnam Collection Jewellery Designs: Brilliantly Crafted Neck Pieces

Traditional jewellers set the navaratnam in the repetitive, pre-designed patterns and if you are looking for creative designs then you would be disappointed. Buy navaratnam collection jewellery designs online from BlueStone where we bring to you over twenty designs from our pendants collections. Take a look at some of the trending pieces. The Nav Kavach Pendant and the Bhumi Suman Pendant are classic and are the best way to wear the navaratnas.

But that’s not all. If you fancy wearing the navaratnas that remind you of the lord you worship, we have stunning pieces in store. Our popular Aishani Pendant shaped like the trishul or trident that Lord Shiva carries is a unique and charming way of sporting the navaratnas. We have the Suasti Pendant that is shaped like the swastika with navaratnams adorning the centre. These are unisex pendant designs that men and women can wear to flaunt their faith. The Murli Manohar Pendant is an enticing design in the shape of Lord Krishna’s flute with the nine gems decked on it with a diamond atop. The Akhila Pendant shaped like the holy syllable Om and also symbolically representing the elephant’s trunk is a delightful reminder of Lord Ganesha. The Mangala Pendant is a magnificent design with the white pearl dangler from the navaratnam arrangement. There’s more – you can match this with the Mangala Earrings with navaratnams in the same pattern. You would never have imagined that navaratnams can be worn in so many special ways.

Our necklace range features the Shubha Necklace made of 18kt gold. The piece is ideal for special occasions and this one of our valentine designers picks.

Navaratnam Rings

Our navaratnam collection jewellery has ring designs that are ideal for special occasions. The Vidhata Aakar Ring is a hugely popular and traditional design with the square-shaped arrangement of the nine stones. The Dev Raj Ring adds the contrast of white gold in the ring band. We also have the Raj Darpan Ring for men in this collection.

The Naveen Darpan Ring for women adds a twist to the conventional design with the diamonds highlighting the gemstones in between. Try some new ways of sporting the navaratnas with the Neer Ratna Ring that presents the nine gems in a linear arrangement. When you wear these rings for your special occasions, second glances are definitely guaranteed.

Navaratnam Collection Jewellery: Earring Designs

The earring designs from our navaratnam collection jewellery designs range showcase stunning ways of showing off your nine gems. The Priyala Earrings come decked with dazzling diamonds that encircle the ruby in the centre and the navaratnas around. The Nootan Pushp Earrings and the Ambar Kosh Earrings are more designer ways to wear the nine gems.

The Neer Ratna Earrings feature the navaratnams in the hoops shape and combined with the Neer Ratna Ring will look fetching and grand.

Navaratnam Bracelets

Today navaratnam bracelets are gaining popularity and we have some rare and exclusive designs for you to choose from. The Bhagwanti Bangle has sparkling diamonds bordering the navaratnas presented in a circular shape. The Pavi Bangle is a contemporary design with the navaratnams arranged in symmetric lines across the bracelet.

Don’t wait to check out colourful, affordable, and stylish navaratnam collection jewellery. Our Navaratnam Collection Jewellery prices are reasonable and you will find a piece that fits your budget from our stunning range.

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