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White Gold Jewellery Designs: White is Beautiful

If the popular adage we all heard right from our childhood days is right, then all that glitters is not gold, and certainly so. But some things, even though they lack the glitter and colour of gold, are actually gold. A classic example of this is the white gold jewellery. The first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘gold’ is that of a yellow and shiny metal, right? You will be surprised to know that white gold is not only a popular alternative to the good old gold but also the latest trend taking over the jewellery industry. When it comes to elegance, style, and durability, white gold jewellery designs are on par with the gold jewellery.

White gold jewellery designs: Know the basics

For those who associate gold with its yellow colour, the very term ‘white gold’ might sound scandalous and naturally, it attracts a lot of criticism and scepticism from gold enthusiasts. White gold, in fact, is an alloy of gold and it is made by mixing gold with a white metal such as manganese, nickel, or palladium. The alloy is then plated with a metal called rhodium which gives white gold its colour and makes ornaments more durable. The purity of white gold is also measured in carats, just like the gold. The caratage of white gold is always below 24 kt because of the white metal added to it and most white gold jewellery designs available today are either 18 kt or 14 kt.

Don’t fancy yellow? Buy white gold jewellery designs

White –coloured jewellery made of silver and platinum has always been the preference of those who don’t like the glitter and flamboyance of the yellow metal. Are you someone who wants to wear a piece of gold jewellery sans it yellow colour? Then white gold is your best bet! You can buy white gold jewellery designs from reputed online stores like BlueStone and you will be amazed to see the range of collections and variety of designs in this category. BlueStone has an exclusive collection of white gold jewellery comprising of elegantly handcrafted rings, earrings, studs, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Some of the popular pieces in our collection include the Akira Earrings, the Nayantara Necklace, the Charming Ring and the Cadmus Bangle, to mention a few.

White gold jewellery designs with stones: The killer combination

Many believe that the low caratage of white gold is a disadvantage, but contrary to that belief, it is one of the greatest advantages of this metal. Pure gold, which is 24 kt in purity, is extremely soft and hence it is unsuitable for jewellery making. The 18 kt or 14 kt white gold gives designers more freedom to experiment with designs and stone embellishments. Compared to gold, white gold is a better option for making contemporary and fashion design jewellery. What’s more, the beauty and elegance of precious and semi-precious stones are amplified when they are mounted on white gold ornaments. Are you looking for a contemporary and classy piece to wear to an upcoming party or wedding? Fret not! All you need to do is to buy white gold jewellery designs studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other precious stones from BlueStone and you are all set to steal the show. Lovers of diamond can consider buying our Sangria Pendant, Cachaca Ring, and Miles to Go Bangle and you can complete the look with a designer saree and stylish clutch.

Buy white gold jewellery online at BlueStone

The white gold jewellery prices at BlueStone are extremely attractive with a great range of items priced below INR 10,000. We have separate collections for men and women and that makes us your best option when you buy white gold jewellery online. The wonders we craft in white gold are ideal for any occasion, from parties and dressy events to casual dinners and formal gatherings. Our collection of everyday wear jewellery is simply amazing and contains hot-selling pieces like the Perho Ring and the Infinity Earrings.

Officegoers are sure to get enchanted by our office wear jewellery collection that includes the Dewy Irene Earrings and the Danya Pendant. The winning feature of white gold is that it is suitable for many design styles and themes. Be it a floral jewellery design like the Bijou Ring, a heart-shaped piece like the Galene Earring, or a geometric pattern like the Triton Pendant, white gold enhances the grace of the ornament.

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